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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

Move your feet. Secure your seat.

College students

May 1, 2023

Dear KCC Students,

When you walked in these gates, this semester, last semester, a year ago or more, you did so with the intention of earning your college degree.  And when the faculty and staff walked onto this campus on our first day as employees, that was our goal too: make sure students earn their degrees.  But it doesn’t stop there, not only do we want to ensure you earn your degree, but we want to ensure that you walk seamlessly into the next phase: transfer to a four-year college or entering a career where you can make a living wage and be fulfilled. 

Along the way on your KCC path may have encountered some difficult terrain, but if you are reading this email it means that you are still here, making your way to Commencement Day.

KCC students: Stay the course.  Be mindful of distractions that cause you to lose focus.  And most importantly if you are in need of assistance along the way, you only need to reach out.

But first you can help yourself.  Today is Decision Day, a day where students decide where they are going to college.   But I am also asking you to make a decision to finish what you started.  Registration for Continuing Students starts today!

I know you are still in the midst of the Spring semester, but you know exactly what classes you have to take next. Don’t wait until the last minute to lock your courses in.  Seats will go fast, and now that the CUNY Vaccine Mandate has been lifted, we can expect to see more students clamoring for a seat in a class at Kingsborough Community College—one of the Aspen Institutes top 10 Community Colleges in the United States.

Move your feet.  Secure your seat.

-President Schrader

P.S.  Come Register on May 1 – May 4 in V 202 at 10am, 12pm or 2pm and get free snacks and raffle prizes!