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President’s Weekly Messages

Your Next Stop

Monday, March 28, 2022

Dear KCC Students,

The New York City subway system is a complex system of transportation with subway routes that take you throughout four of the five boroughs.  Sometimes trains run express, stopping less, and skipping stations during the ride to your destination. Other times, trains run local, and stop at every station along the route.  For those pros,  (people who use the subway as their primary mode of transportation), figuring what train to take is easy; but for newbies or occasional riders (like me) it can be quite confusing, and it is easy to miss your stop.

Long before subway cars had electronic signs that let us know what the next station stop was, we would have to rely on reading the subway map on the station platform or in the train, to ensure that we were on the right train, heading in the right direction, and would stop at the station that we wanted.  It also helped that subway conductors also announce the next stop along with the list of trains you can transfer to that will get you to your ultimate destination. 

Right now, you are all on the Kingsborough train and you are in route to the line’s final destination: earning your associate degree.  Once there, though, you don’t need to make it your final stop, because there are so many options of where you can transfer to embark on a new route towards a new destination: earning your baccalaureate degree.  

Fortunately for you, CUNY offers so many affordable options of 4-year colleges that have many baccalaureate degree programs for you to choose from. 

If you are a first-year student, know that it is never too early to start thinking about your next steps. If you are a soon to be KCC graduate, there is no time like the present to plan for your future.  

KCC students, it’s time plan your route. Talk to your advisor; check out the CUNY Transfer Student Hub, and make a plan to join us KCC’s Transfer Day events throughout the semester starting with City College Day at Kingsborough this Wednesday, March 30th at 12pm.  You will have the opportunity to hear from and speak to the president of City College, Dr. Vincent Boudreau. City College is CUNY’s oldest college and it has more than 70 academic programs and is best known for its outstanding engineering and sciences programs.

Twenty five campuses and one incredible university! And when it comes to transfer, you will never need to “stand clear of the closing doors”, because CUNY's doors are always opened wide so that you can step boldly into your future and into a world of opportunities.

Register for City College Day at Kingsborough at:

And be on the lookout for:

  • Brooklyn College Day at Kingsborough: May 10
  • John Jay College Day at Kingsborough: May 24
  • Baruch College Day at Kingsborough (TBA)
  • Hunter College Day at Kingsborough (TBA)
  • NYC Tech College Day at Kingsborough (TBA)
  • Medgar Evers College Day at Kingsborough (TBA)

President Schrader