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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

You Down with OPP...?

Monday, September 19, 2022

Dear KCC Students, 

I know the new academic year just began, but did you know that there are only 84 days left until the end of the semester?  And approximately 260 days left until the end of the academic year!!? That’s 6240 hours or 37 weeks!  I want you to know that each moment from now until June 2023 is filled with boundless OPPORTUNITIES!!!!

As a student at KCC you have many opportunities to…

  • learn new things, develop new skills as well as refine and deepen your existing knowledge and skills;
  • meet and make new friends;
  • get engaged in the life of the college;
  • enhance your professional skills by participating in an internship;
  • get to know your professors and staff at the college and gain new mentors;  and
  • avail yourselves of many resources at the college which will better support your success and development. 

Many moons ago, when I was at Rutgers, I took advantage of opportunities that being a college student afforded me.  I was an African Studies  and Journalism major and I learned a lot and did very well in my classes. After graduating from college and then earning my Masters degree, one of my professors (and mentor) from Rutgers asked me to teach a college level course in African American Literature and this is how I got my start in higher education.  He remains my mentor to this day.  In fact, when I was installed as the president of KCC 4 years ago, I invited him to be here. In college, I joined a few student clubs, like the West Indian Student Organization and not only did we organize activities on campus, but I developed friends that I still have today. I also participated in an internship at a TV studio, maybe that’s why take so much joy in the IG content I develop for you (follow me @KINGSBOROUGHPRES and follow the college too at @CUNYKCC). 

Overall, I enjoyed my college days, and looking back I wish I had done more.  I wish I had gone to tutoring for math much earlier instead of waiting until I was going to have a test.  I wish I had gone to more basketball and football games so I could really show some school spirit. But I can’t go back in time, so now when opportunities present themselves, then skippy I am with it! 

KCC students, opportunity knocks! Do yourself a favor, open the door and step into an amazing semester, a fantastic year and an incredible future.

Have a great week!

President Schrader 

P.S. It’s only been a week, but let me know what opportunities like the ones I listed above  that you have already taken advantage of.

You Down with OPP.....?