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President’s Weekly Messages

You got my vote!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Dear KCC Students,  

It’s Election Day!  For weeks leading up to this day, you have had many opportunities to learn more about issues affecting our communities and about the slate of candidates running for office.  Like me, you have seen commercials or even watched the candidates on TV talk about their experience, where they stand on the issues, and their plans for improving our communities.  I voted early last week, but today is the day that many of you will head to the polls. Today is the day you will make your choice by voting in favor of proposals you agree with and for the candidates you think will do the best job.  Sometimes a clear victor can be determined quickly, but other times it takes a few days or even weeks.  But eventually a winner will be declared and the real work of our elected officials can begin.  

I am happy that you will cast your vote today, but I am over the moon that you decided to vote for yourself by deciding to earn your degree at Kingsborough Community College.  Filling out your KCC application was like casting a vote for yourself.  And now that you are in college, like the elected officials who are in office, we know that you will continue to work hard and stay the course towards meeting your goals and keeping the promises you made to yourself.

With less than 8 weeks left, you are almost at the finish line of the fall 2021 semester.  You have everything it takes to succeed.  But if you are in need of assistance, know that we are only an email, a Zoom meeting or a call away.

Know that not only do you have my vote of confidence in your success, you have the vote of every member of the college community.

Continue to stay safe,  

-President Schrader

You got my vote!