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President’s Weekly Messages to Students


Monday, June 20, 2022

Dear KCC Students Who Have Not Registered For The Fall Semester But Plan To Complete Your Degree Sometime (August, January or June) Over The Course Of the Next Year,

What You Doing?

I hope that you are not waiting until the last minute to register only to find out you can't get the classes you need because they are full or have been cancelled.   

I hope that your failure to register is not because you think you have to pay for all your classes at once and because you are not aware that  you can make payment arrangements. 

I hope you know that if there are other issues (like the need for childcare, housing or other resources) affecting your ability to register for classes-- that we can help.

I hope that you are not letting one bad grade, or bad semester take you off your path to obtaining your college degree. Stay on track.

Two or more years ago, over 1800 students decided to reach for a college degree, and last week they received it.  Some had perfect 4.0 GPAs, others made it to the Dean's List, and many, many others just did their best, but they all made it and are moving on to the next phase in their lives as transfer students or in new careers.

I hope you know that you can too and that we are here for you.  And by we I mean  recent graduates too.

Class of 2022, I need you to do me a huge favor.  Post an inspirational message to continuing students on IG and tag @CUNYkcc and @KingsboroughPres

Continuing students: Let's make WYD stand for Working on Your Degree!

I can't wait to celebrate you on your Commencement Day!

President Schrader