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President’s Weekly Messages to Students


Treat Yourself to a Sweet Future


Monday, October 31, 2022



Dear KCC Students,

Did I ever tell you about the time I went trick-or-treating?  I hope not, because that never happened.  I am not really into Halloween.  However, I do enjoy seeing people go all out in their costumes, but I prefer to watch from the sidelines.

Today, though is not the time for you to stand on the sidelines.  Because registration for the Winter, Spring and Summer 2023 semesters begins TODAY!

I am not a fan of horror movies either.  And as you know, Halloween is a day where many revelers get a kick out of scaring folks.  But you know what is reaallllllly scary?  

  • Not getting the classes you need to take for your major 
  • Waitinguntil the last minute to register for classes 
  • Not knowing how your Spring class schedule will work around other parts of your life like your job and other personal commitments
  • Not takingthe right courses because you did not connect with your advisor  AND
  • Not graduatingin June because you did not attend a Class of 2023 Loading session. Lucky for you there is one more session via Zoom tomorrow at 3pm. For more information check out

KCC students, get off the sidelines.  Speak to an advisor, register for classes and treat yourself to a sweet future!

Have a great day!

President Schrader

P.S. If you do plan on dressing up in a costume, send me your picture.  And if you are okay with me posting the pic, complete the KCC Consent and Release form here: