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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

This is not a game... your success is a serious matter!

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 

Dear KCC Students,

I am proud to say I have a few skills that I am very proud of.  I take great photographs, and one day I hope to show my pictures in an art gallery somewhere.  I make the best fried chicken and potato salad you will ever eat in your life (let me repeat that-- the best!). I consider myself a good writer and my bowling skills are pretty incredible too. 

I also have many things that I am not good at and on top of this list is sports.  I did not play sports in high school or college, and I don’t play now.  In February, I posted a video on my IG showing my 11 or so attempts before I actually got the basketball in the basket.  Last year, in an intramural softball game with faculty and staff to raise money for breast cancer, I had a base hit, but no home runs and let’s just say when the other team was up to bat, to avoid catching ball I positioned myself way, way, way out in the outfield.  

 One thing about me, I am not one to let not having any athletic skills get in the way of me playing sports, especially when it is for a good cause. This is why I am ready to get back in the game and this time, the game is volleyball. 

 May is Mental Health Awareness Month and next week on Wednesday, May 4 at 5pm, I along with other staff and faculty at the college will be Volleying for Mental Health and raising funds for Mental Health services for KCC students.  At KCC the Counseling Center, Health Center, Student Wellness Center and Women’s Center are resources that are available to you; and the funds we raise will help to provide even more support and programming for you.We are playing this game, because your success is a serious matter. 

KCC students, if we have your support next Wednesday not only will I do better than I did when I played basketball or baseball, but we will all do our best on the court.  

There is a spectator fee of $5.  But all you have to do is show your student ID and say this password, ‘College Graduate’ and you can come in for free!

Come on out and cheer for the incredible KCC staff, your amazing professors and I as we volley for mental health!

I hope to see you next Wednesday at 5pm in the KCC gym.
President Schrader

 Fundraiser May 4, 2022


This is not a game... your success is a serious matter!