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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

Take 5!

Monday, April 4, 2022

Dear KCC Students,

There always seems to be something happening in our world and country that results in significant news coverage and discussion on social media and this week it was the Will Smith/ Chris Rock incident at the Oscar Awards.  

There are lots of opinions about who was at fault, what happened, and what should happen. And many people are weighing in with their thoughts and sharing what they would have done if they were in Smith’s or Rock’s shoes.  While there are many lessons to be learned from this incident, perhaps the most valuable lesson we can learn is the importance of thinking before we act.   So many conflicts can be avoided, effectively addressed, or completely resolved if we take the time to thoroughly think through our actions, instead of rushing to act, or make decisions in the heat of the moment. 

Too often I see college students make decisions that can negatively impact and sometimes impede their path to earning their college degree.  Like...

  • not attending class anymore because they failed a test
  • cheating on a test because they didn’t study
  • neglecting to turn in an assignment because they didn’t understand what was required
  •  dropping out of school because their classes are hard or 
  • saying something to a classmate, professor, or member of the KCC staff that goes against our college values.

My message to you today is to Take 5.

  1. Take a moment to assess  and reevaluate your situation before you make a decision that will impact you in negative ways.
  2. Take some time to think if there is a better way to address the issue.  
  3.  Take the time to talk to someone who can help, who can give you a different perspective, or who can give you information about resources that can help you.
  4. Take the time to think about how far you have come, and
  5. Think about how much closer you are than ever before to achieving your goals.

KCC students, you are almost there. Keep your eyes on the ultimate prize: your college degree.  You got this and we got you.

Have a great week!

President Schrader


I want to thank Margarita your fellow KCC student for her email to me this morning.  She loved my message but wanted me to also add this important note to everyone.  Although it wasn't the main message of my note to you it is an important one as well:  

Violence is never the answer to anything and it solves nothing.