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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

Positive Vibrations

Monday, October 2, 2023

Dear KCC Students,

After over a week of being sick, I was so happy to get into my car this past Friday and go to work that the heavy rains did not deter me.  I half-listened to the news that morning.  I know they said heavy rains and widespread flooding, but I ignored most of what they were saying.  So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when I ended up stuck on the Belt Parkway for 3 hours.  Roads were closed, there was heavy flooding and although the rain would be light at times, it just wouldn’t stop.  The trek home and the following day were not any better. I honestly didn’t think it would stop raining; but it did.

KCC students, I know that there are times in life when things seem gray and you are flooded with things not going your way.  If you ever experience one of those days, I encourage you to reach out and talk to a counselor in our Wellness Center (718 368 5975). Services are free and confidential and most of all KCC counselors are focused on helping you to achieve your goals.

I didn’t think it would ever stop raining, but it did. I want you to know that nothing lasts forever (not even the rain).  Today the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day and I am sending you positive vibrations for an awesome week.

President Schrader