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President’s Weekly Message

New semester, Who dis?

New semester, Who dis?

  Sunday, March 7, 2021

Welcome New Students!! Welcome Transfer Students! Welcome back Continuing Students!  

I speak on behalf of the faculty and staff when I say we are  H A p p y  that you are here and we are excited that you are now one more step closer to your academic goals.   We are here to help you do so!

Prior to COVID and our pivot to distance learning, I would walk the hallways and I would get to see and talk to you. I may not be able to see you, but I can still talk to you and get to know who you.  Respond to this email. Drop me a line, and let me know who you are, what’s important to you, why you are here, and where you plan to go  or what you plan to do) once you get your degree.  You can even send me a picture of yourself!  

I’ll start, I am President Claudia Schrader I am here to help you succeed and I plan to take you and KCC to higher heights (although you are both already pretty amazing).  

Here is some advice that will help you continue to be amazing this semester.

  1. Start Strong with good habits.  Set aside time to study each day.  Participate in your online classes (don’t just sit there!) and complete all your assignments on time.   Remember to communicate with your professor if you are having difficulty.  Email them or  visit them their office hours if you have questions.
  1. Get help early.  Don’t wait until you do poorly on a test/exam to seek help.  Connect with a tutor early so you can ensure you understand the course material.
  1. Check your KBCC student email regularly.  The College staff will communicate important information via email.  You don’t want to miss out on important information about helpful resources, scholarships or how you can get books for free (Hint, hint: Check out Bingo for Books (
  1. Stay safe. COVID is still a risk. Continue to wear a mask (or two), maintain social distancing in public places and wash your hands regularly.
  1. And lastly, take a minute and CLAP FOR YOURSELF! Congratulations on making the bold decision to follow your dreams!  We are clapping for you now, and we can’t wait to clap some more for you on Commencement Day when you receive your degree!!


Have a great semester!!

Claudia V. Schrader, Ed.D.
Kingsborough Community College
of The City University of New York
2001 Oriental Boulevard
Brooklyn, New York 11235-2398
Telephone: 718 368 5109
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