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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

Mind your business

Monday, May 16, 2022

Dear KCC Students, 

Are you minding your business?  

I know you probably don’t think about your education as a business, but it is.  A business is typically defined as an organization (that’s you) that seeks profits (earning your degree) by providing goods and services (attending class, completing assignments etc.) in exchange for payment (your college degree). 

In order to be successful, you need to do everything that is required of you —this is called minding your business.  I don’t want your business (you) to fail, so it’s time to take care of all the things that you have been neglecting to do. 

  • REGISTER for the fall semester. The later you wait to register, the more likely it is that you will not get the class schedule you need.  The classes at the times you want will be taken by other students who are minding their business. Get started. Go to STARFISH
     to make an appt with your advisor
  • GRADUATES if you plan to transfer, then put your plan into action.  Get online and find out what steps you need to take, then complete and submit your application.

  •  It is time to HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD. All KCC students, whether you are graduating or not, you are asked to complete an evaluation of their courses. Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) are a good opportunity for students to have their voice heard by giving feedback to their professors and to Kingsborough Community College about their experience with the classes and professors they are taking. The feedback you provide is ANONYMOUS and valuable as it will help us improve the quality of our courses and instruction. To login to SmartEvals, click here: username is your KCC email address, and your password is your KCC email password.  The last day to have your voice heard is June 10th.  For more information check out the website. 

  • Is your workMISSING IN ACTION?Do you have incomplete assignments? Or assignments that were due that you have yet to submit? If you do, then you are not minding your business.  Reach out to your professors and set a date for when you will fulfill your responsibilities. 

KCC students, everyone at Kingsborough is obsessed with minding your business, because your success is our business.

Have a great week. Stay safe. 

President Schrader

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