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President’s Weekly Messages

If you don't know... now you know!

Tuesday, March 14, 2022 

Dear KCC Students,

Yesterday you set your clocks forward, but last week you set your future forward when you started classes.  Even as a write this to you, I can’t believe that I started college 36 years ago! To be honest, as a freshman and even in to my second year, I was a bit clueless.  It took me a while to get it together and I became wiser and stronger as a student.  Today, I am passing these lessons on to you.  Here are…  

The top 6 things I know now … that I wish I knew back then:  

1. Don’t get ready, stay ready!

Review the class syllabus, and do all the assignments as required.  Carve time in your schedule every day (or several times a week) that is just dedicated to completing your assignments and readings for your classes. And when you get to class, get ready to….

2. Show up, and show out!

Don’t just go to class and don’t just sit there; take notes and ask questions.  No one wants to have a conversation by themselves, so don’t leave your professors or classmates hanging, participate in discussions in person and on discussion boards online.   This is a great way to ensure that you understand the class material.  Make the time to show up to your professor’s office hours too.  It is a good way for them to get to know you and a great place to ask questions about lessons you may have difficulty with.  But if you are still having a hard time understanding what is going on, remember that …  

3. Academic support (tutoring) is available! 

You shouldn’t wait until there will be a test to discover if you understand the lessons and the class material. Get the support that you need at the Kingsborough Learning Center.  Get the help you need early and regularly so you are sure that you thoroughly understand the class content so you can not only do well on the test, but do well in the class.  Another great way to review class information is to study with classmates.Going to class and studying are important, but it is also important to…

4. Make friends and get involved!

The friends you make in college, are the ones you will have for the rest of your life, so take this opportunity and get out of your comfort zone and into the friend zone.  You will definitely meet people who you have a lot in common with and you will meet people who are different from you and that is the beauty of our diverse college community.  Not only will you make friends in class, but you can also make friends when you join one of the many student clubs, when you attend Wave games (basketball, volleyball, baseball and track) and when you participate in the many social events we have on campus.  There is always something happening at KCC, but in order to be in the know you have to….  

5. Check your email on a regular basis!

So when I was in college (over 30 years ago) we really didn’t use email that much.  I had to check the bulletin boards around the campus for information.   Fortunately for you, we not only have bulletin boards around campus with information, but you have a college email where you can receive important information about COVID protocols, graduation, registration, the academic calendar, career/internship opportunities, scholarships, campus events and lots more.   When I was in college, there was no such thing as a mobile APP.  Once again, you are fortunate because we also have a  KCC Mobile App that you can easily download to your phone and get quick access to the Bus Schedule, Academic Calendar, Wireless Printing, Career Info, Academic Advisement and your Email. From the KCC Mobile App you are able to access the college’s Social Media sites (Twitter, FB and Instagram ) where you can follow the college for important information as well.  You can also follow me on IG: KingsboroughPres, but most importantly, I want you to…

6. Follow your dreams!

I changed my major in college (don’t do this until you speak with your advisor though) but I knew even then that I wanted a career where I can make a difference.  I thought I would do that as a writer, and then as a teacher and now I get to do so as a college president (who writes a lot of emails- lol). My dream of making a difference came true.  Going to and completing college was important in making this happen because it was the key that opened many doors: the door to lifelong friends, the door to knowledge about the world, the door to new and needed skills, and the door to a career that I enjoy.

KCC students, your first week is done and you only have 11 more weeks to go!  Now you know some of the things that will help you start this semester strong and finish even stronger.  I am rooting for you!

President Schrader

President Schrader college graduation