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President’s Weekly Message

How sweet it is!

How sweet it is!

Friday, November 13, 2020

Dear KCC Students,

Have you ever gone out to dinner and was so hungry that you ate an appetizer, the dinner rolls that they often serve you, soup, salad, and your entrée?  I have.  And although at that point I am often full, I still ask to see the dessert menu, because I love dessert.  Typically, on a restaurant menu there are so many things I see that I enjoy: chocolate cake, ice cream, apple pie, carrot cake, brownies and the list goes on and on.  But even as I review the menu, I know I have no room in my stomach for dessert. So the way I see it I have a couple of choices.  I can order dessert and eat some but not all; I can eat some and take the rest home; I can split my dessert with my dinner partner, or  (the worst option of all) I can not order dessert at all, thereby missing out on what some might say (and I would have to agree with) is the best part of any meal.  

I know that many of you are juggling school, work, and family responsibilities.  Your schedules are full and there is no time, or barely time to fit in anything else.  I want you to know though, that the college experience involves more than just taking classes.   We have many programs and activities that are designed to provide you with valuable information to support your development and success, extend your knowledge, improve your skills, and connect you with other students and members of the college community.  Because we are not on campus this fall, all our programs and activities are offered online.

This fall the menu of programming at KCC included items like Bingo for Books; Self-Care Thursdays; Virtual Networking; A Spooky Hangout; First Generation College Student Celebration; a Conversation with Kenyon Dooling, professional development coach for the Utah Jazz and retired NBA player; and Student Town Hall meetings with the President.   To see what progams and activities are on the horizon, follow Kingsborough (@CUNYkcc) on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  Remember, you don’t need to participate in everything, but it would be great if you participate in some things.  Make room to experience all that Kingsborough has to offer. Don’t miss out on one of the sweetest parts of the college experience.  

Stay safe.

President Schrader