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President’s Weekly Messages

Give me a break!

Give me a break!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dear KCC Students,  

You are in the homestretch! I know that you have been working diligently in all your classes and I hope you have followed the advice I shared with you in my first email of the semester.  Remember? I said it is important to… 

  • Set aside time to study each week

  • Participate in your online classes- ‘don’t just sit there’.

  • Communicate with your professor if you are having difficulty

  • Get tutoring help early and

  • Check your email regularly

In addition to all of this, I hope you are making time for family/friends and finding time to do things that bring you joy.  It is important to give yourself breaks from studying and school work. Study breaks help you to avoid study fatigue and refresh your mind.  

I take breaks during the day as well.  I take 10 minutes to walk around, stretch, or play (and usually win) a quick game of Words with Friends (Scrabble).  

If you are checking this email, you are in work mode.  So it’s time to take a break and I am going to help you.  See if you can figure out the brain teasers below.  If you think you figured it out, or are as lost as I was, email me and I will give you the answers.  If not, I will provide the answer in next week’s email.  Until then, continue to stay the course this semester and take care of yourself.  If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know and I will connect you with someone who will be able to help.   Enjoy your break and then get back to business! We are rooting for your success!

-President Schrader

#1 A man stands on one side of a river, his dog on the other. The man calls his dog, who immediately crosses the river without getting wet and without using a bridge or a boat. How did the dog do it?

#2 A king is old and must leave his fortune to one of his two sons. He makes a proposition: Both sons will ride their camels in a race, and whichever camel crosses the finish line LAST will win the fortune for its owner. During the race, the two brothers wander aimlessly for days, neither willing to cross the finish line. In desperation, they ask a wise man for advice. He tells them something; then the brothers leap onto the camels and charge toward the finish line. What did the wise man say?