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President’s Weekly Messages

Get to Stepping!

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Dear KCC Students,  

What does Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States; Mae Jemison (the first African American female astronaut in space); Eleanor Roosevelt (former First Lady of the United States), Dr. Maya Angelou (author and poet) and the President of Kingsborough Community College have in common? If you answered that we are all members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated you would be correct!  

In a few months I will celebrate 29 years of membership in (AKA) Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the first Greek-lettered sorority founded for and by African American women.   The sorority was founded in 1908 on the campus of Howard University with the goals of  encouraging high scholastic and ethical standards, promoting unity and friendship among college women and to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women, and to be of service to all mankind. For more than a century, we have done just that by actively engaging in a number of activities like registering people to vote, providing scholarships to students, mentoring teens, and engaging in a host of other community service projects across the United States, in the Caribbean and in countries such as Germany, Japan, South Korea and Canada. 

There more than 1400 other fraternities and sororities in the United States.  We are all known for our service and we are also known for our strong bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha and the other Black Greek-lettered sororities: (Delta Sigma Theta; Zeta Phi Beta and Sigma Gamma Rho) and fraternities (Alpha Phi Alpha; Kappa Alpha Psi; Omega Psi Phi; Phi Beta Sigma; and Iota Phi Theta) are especially known for our organization’s special colors (mine is pink and green!!) and stepping! If you’ve ever seen Stomp the Yard you know what I mean.   The chanting and incredible footwork is enough to make you want to join in the stepping yourself!!

I know that you aren’t in a fraternity or a sorority (you can be if you transfer to a four year college) but you still step right now.  You can…

Step into success ! Final exams are around the corner. Don’t wait until the night before to start writing that final paper, reviewing your work or studying.  Start now. You can also start a study group via Zoom (of phone), or get a study buddy by connecting with a classmate.

Step back !  Don’t you hate loose ends? I do.  It’s time to reflect on all the things you need to accomplish that you have been on the fence about and then get moving toward getting them done.  Maybe you are on the fence about getting vaccinated.  If so, be sure to tune in to our Vax Facts vs Fiction webinar with Scott C. Ratzan MD, MPA - Distinguished Lecturer, CUNY School of Public Health and Health Policy on Thursday, June 3 at 11am.

Maybe you haven’t registered for the fall yet.  I suggest that you do so right away so you can secure your seat in the class that you want.  Or maybe (I don’t even want to consider this) you aren’t sure if you are returning in the fall, or if you are graduating, you aren’t sure you want to transfer to a four year college in the fall.  Here is my advice to you: Don’t. Stop. Now.  You are just getting started on this journey.  Kingsborough has prepared you to accomplish great things. You have everything it takes to be successful.

Step out!  I remember last year at this time I prayed for the opportunity to go out, to do something fun, and engage in community service activities with my sorority. Now that some of the restrictions have been lifted, more of that becomes possible because I got the vaccine and because we all did our part.  This has been such an intense year.  I know that many of you may be hesitant to step back out into the world as we used to know it. Our counseling staff is always available for you to talk to during this and anytime.   I wish you the best of luck on your finals, and hope that you will find something to do that fills you with joy.  

Step up  into your greatness. Be proud of all that you have accomplished and know that we are all  very proud of you.

President Schrader

Get to Stepping!