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President’s Weekly Message

For the Culture! (Completion, that is)

For the Culture! (Completion, that is)

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Dear Kingsborough Students,  

I hope this week’s motivational message meets you in good health and spirits.   I hope that you have gotten into the groove of the semester and that you are engaging in your classes, completing your assignments and seeking support as you need it. 

I know at times you may go off track.  Maybe you forgot to complete an assignment and then because you were upset with yourself, you decided not to go to class; then one class turned to two classes, and now you are behind in your work, and you are ready to cancel your dreams and cancel your degree.   

If you watch the news, or are on social media, I am sure you have heard the term “cancel culture”.  At least once a week, someone in the news is getting cancelled for something they said or did recently, or even years ago.  The thing about cancel culture is that it doesn’t give anyone an opportunity to learn from their mistakes or apologize for doing something wrong.  In cancel culture, it isn’t three strikes, and you are out; in cancel culture you are out from your first strike. 


KCC students, I am here to tell you that we do not want you to become a part of cancel culture by cancelling your efforts and dreams to obtain your college degree.  Chances are there is some action you can take that can help to rectify any missteps or mistakes that you have made. Maybe you didn’t study for a test like you were supposed to and you received a failing grade. Don’t cancel yourself out, study (like you are supposed to) for next test and all the tests after that.  Maybe you neglected to submit an assignment and so you decided to miss class too. Don’t cancel yourself out, reach out to your professor and let them know what is going on and ask them how you can get back on track. Sometimes you might even need to talk to the Chairperson of the department. The Chairperson of a department is the person in charge of the faculty and curriculum (courses for a particular area of study).   They are also a good resource for solving issues that you might face.  

Sometimes a situation cannot be rectified easily, but this is still is not a reason to cancel your dreams.  Take whatever it is as a learning experience and make a vow to yourself to do better the next time. Don’t let your missteps cause you to completely walk away from college.  Don’t opt out of getting a college degree.  Know that a college degree should always be an option for you.   We all believe that you have what it takes, and we are here to help as best as we can.  At Kingsborough we call this a Completion Culture, because we are about the business of having you complete what you started, earn your degrees and fulfill your dreams.  

Have a great week.  Remember you got this!  

President Schrader