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President’s Weekly Messages

Back on the Scene!

Monday, March 7, 2022 

Dear KCC Students,

Two years ago on March 7, 2020  we were four days into the beginning of the Spring semester.    We didn’t have to worry about vaccinations, uploading to CUNYFirst or access passes. To get on campus,    all you had to do is show your KCC ID.    We had already started to hear rumblings about a virus.    We had no idea that in a few days the Coronavirus would make its way to the United States and change our lives in dramatic ways.    We moved quickly.    Professors moved their classes online and college services were all remote and we instituted a lap top lending program for students. In a few short weeks, the city would shut down and from where we stood the future looked bleak.

A year ago  on March    7, 2021 , we were two days into the beginning of the Spring semester.    The vaccine had just become available a few weeks before, and everyone made their way to vaccine sites or clinics to get their first dose. The majority of KCC classes and college operations were    still online, but we were starting to make plans for an increased return to campus in the fall.    New York City was also trying to get back to normal, but so much had changed    and we wondered if we would ever find our way back.  

Today is March 7, 2022 and we’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack !    In a year we experienced a new variant, the need for a second dose and a booster shot; and implementation of a mask mandate and other COVID protocols.    Infections rates increased and then recently declined significantly. This semester we have even more in-person classes.    Not only do we have classes on campus but there will be more student life activities as well! If you are taking classes on campus, you still had to upload your vaccination information to CUNYFirst and retrieve our access pass from cleared4work.    And effective today, the temporary mask mandate has been lifted as a requirement. We remain mindful and supportive of those members of our community who choose to wear a mask (and those may ask you do so in their presence) and also urge all those who have medical exemptions or religious exceptions to wear a mask.  

KCC students, think back to where you were three years ago, two years ago, and    even last year.    You have come so far and are even closer to achieving your goals.    Know that you can do anything that you set your mind to.    We are here to support you and are committed to ensuring your success this semester and beyond.      Welcome to Spring 2022!

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President Schrader


President Schrader