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President’s Weekly Messages to Students


Monday, August  8, 2022 

Dear KCC Students,

Who knew that National Friendship Day was yesterday?  Apparently, it is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August. National Friendship Day is a meant to remind us about the importance of platonic relationships. 

 If you are reading this email, know that you are in the best place for making friends.  I always heard that the friends you make in college, are friends you will have for the rest of your life.  I am here to tell you that this has been very true for me. 

 I met my friend Wendy my first week as a freshman in college over 30 years ago.    After her second year, she transferred to Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia.   Back in those days, we didn’t have cell phones and email was relatively new to us, so we stayed in touch by writing letters and sending them the old fashion way.  Although we started college at the same time, I graduated a year before Wendy did because she decided to study abroad in Spain for a year. We continued to write letters to each other.  By the time she went to law school and I went to grad school, we ditched letters, for phone calls and emails. And over the years I would travel to Maryland to visit her, or she to NY to visit me.  And now three decades later, there is rarely a day we don’t talk on the phone.  

My friend Wendy has always been there.  Together we discovered and explored this new world called college.  We cheer each other on, lean on each other in times of need, and best of all every conversation we have includes an indescribable number of laughs.  And Wendy is just one of the many friends I made in college.  My life then and now has been enriched by each one of them.

So as you register for classes ( ) and arrange your schedule (classes, work, study time, leisure time) think about making time to join a student club.

There are many clubs to choose from ( or if you want to start a club you can do that too ( ).

My wish for you is that in addition to earning your college degree at Kingsborough, that you meet, connect with and develop amazing friends from the vibrant and diverse KCC student body with whom you can share this journey and all your journeys to come; and may you have Beautiful Friendships Forever (BFF).

 President Schrader