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Student Visa



Assistance with issues relating to Student Visa

Sometimes it is often the case that an F-1 international student or an F derivative fall out of status and or would need to maintain or regain status.

The Center provides the information necessary for the complex and winding process of reinstating, changing and or even extending the Status of student visa holders.

The process involves filing a  form I-539  with supporting documentation. This process involves lengthy and sometimes complicated process as the Student visa category is a nonimmigrant visa that requires strict compliance with the terms of the visa.


New Americans Center

Office Location:T8-108C
Phone: 718-368-5600

Weekday Hours:

9AM to 5PM
9AM to 7PM

  Erick Myssura, Esq
Managing Attorney 

Nyozi Fraser
Legal Coordinator/Paralegal 

Juliana Edwards
Paralegal/College Assistant