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Bridget Weeks

Professor H



Professor Bridget (Maggie) Weeks was hired at Kingsborough Community College as an Assistant Professor in the Nursing Department in September 2001. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Hunter College, her Master of Science in Nursing from Lehman College and an Advanced Certificate as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner from Hunter College. She is also a Family Nurse Practitioner. She has over 20 years of teaching experience in undergraduate and graduate nursing education. Since 2013 she is a full Professor and Chairperson of the Nursing Department. Over the years she has served on numerous committees in both the Nursing Department and the College. She has worked for most of her nursing career in the emergency department of various hospitals in New York. She is a member of the several professional organizations where she has held various officer positions. She is married to a retired NYC Fireman/Registered Nurse and has two grown sons. In her spare time she enjoys both boating and reading.


NUR 2100 – Nursing of the Ill Adult
Post Master’s Certificate/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner                              Hunter College,
CUNYMaster of Science,
Nursing - specialization in Nursing Education                            Herbert Lehman College,
CUNYBachelor of Science, Nursing                                                    Hunter College, CUNY     


College Teaching

Kingsborough Community College                                               2001-present
College of Mount St. Vincent                                                         1994- 2001
Herbert Lehman College                                                                1992-1994
Queensborough Community College                                           1992

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources

Ficorelli C., Edelman M., Weeks B. (January 2013). Living donor renal transplant: A gift of life.  Nursing 2013.43(1), Wolters Kluwer/Lippencott, Williams & Wilkins, 58-62.Myasthenia gravis: Helping patients have better outcomes. (September 2012). The Nurse Practitioner, 37 (2), Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 30-37.Hyland, D., Weeks, B., Ficorelli, C., Vanderbeek-Warren M.  (2012). Bringing Simulation to Life. Teaching and Learning in Nursing. Elsevier Publishers, 107-112.Edelman, MA, & Weeks, B. (My-June, 2006).  Do not pass “go”.  Nursing Made Incredibly Easy. 4(3), 64.Weeks, B. & Ficorelli, C. (March, 2006).  Treating erectile dysfunction without first-line drugs.  Nursing 2006. 36(3), 26-27.Weeks, B. & Ficorelli, C. (January, 2006).  How new drugs help treat erectile dysfunction.  Nursing 2006. 36(1), 18-19.Ficorelli, C. & Weeks, B. (May, 2006).  Facing up to prostate cancer.  Nursing 2006. 36(5), 66-68Weeks, B. & Ficorelli, C. (2005). The ABC’s of BPH.  Nursing 2005.  35(10), 68-69.Weeks, B. (November, 2005). Graves disease: The importance of early diagnosis.  The Nurse Practitioner. 30(11), 34-45. 
Poster Presentations: The Interactive Classroom,
NYC Nursing Education Consortium in Technology (NYCNECT) - January 2012
Research Interests
Medical Surgical Nursing
Awards Recognition, Distinctions and Grants
Edelman M., Ficorelli C., Weeks B.  Bryan G. Woodward Community Grant: Empowerment through Education: A Peer-Mediated Initiative to Overcome Obesity          Implemented:  January 2011 – May 2012