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Fifty-Ninth Commencement



Meet Members of the Class of 2024

Javere Johnson


Class of 2024
Javere Johnson

Javere Johnson, a computer information systems major at Kingsborough Community College (KCC), has his sights set on the sky.

Born and raised in Jamaica, Javere came to the United States seeking better educational opportunities. He chose KCC based on a family member's recommendation and was ready to make a name for himself on campus. "I was excited to get involved, be active on campus, and develop myself both personally and academically," he said.

Despite his enthusiasm, Javere faced challenges, particularly with public speaking. "I was very shy and scared of public speaking," he admitted. He was able to turn that around with the support of his mentor, Dr. Michael Rodriguez from the Men's Resource Center. “He played a key role in helping me unlock my untapped potential. Because of him, I became highly motivated and confident in my abilities. This newfound confidence enabled me to accomplish everything I set out to achieve.

During his time at KCC, Javere immersed himself in various activities, including student government, where he served as vice president of academic affairs, senator, and speaker of the senate; Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society, where he served as vice president of leadership; and the Caribbean Students Association, where he proudly represented his heritage as president of the club. “I wanted to represent Caribbean culture on campus. There are many Caribbean students at KCC, and I wanted to create a space where we could come together, share our heritage, and celebrate our community.” He also got involved with WKRB 90.3, the college radio station. “I was fascinated by the idea of running a radio station and learning about the various equipment involved.”

Javere credits two professors—his English 24 professor, Frank Percaccio, and Health Issues professor, Brendon Bain—for providing invaluable guidance and support. “Both professors profoundly shaped my experience and growth at Kingsborough.”

One of his most significant realizations as a student was that failure is not the end of the road. "There were many times when I felt that failing meant I was a failure, but I realized that this isn't true. Failure doesn't define us; instead, it's an opportunity to learn and grow," he explained. This "aha" moment shaped his approach to challenges and setbacks.

As he prepares to graduate, Javere will miss “absolutely everything” about KCC. "Kingsborough is a great place, and I've met so many wonderful people here," he said. "The staff and faculty members are outstanding, and the environment itself feels like a breath of fresh air."

While his studies at KCC focused on computer information systems, his true passion lies in the aviation industry. "Being a commercial pilot is my ultimate passion and the career I envision for myself," he shared. He plans to transfer to Farmingdale State College to pursue a bachelor's degree in aviation administration.

To incoming students, Javere offers this advice: "Get involved. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You never know who's watching or what opportunities might come your way." He also encourages students to surround themselves with ambitious, like-minded people and to never give up on their dreams.