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KCC Capital Projects


KCC Capital Projects - Update

Monday, March 4, 2024

The College Community,
Kingsborough's portfolio of capital projects currently contains 45 projects with a combined total value in excess of $237 million.  
Some of those projects are waiting for funding, some are funded and are presently in their design phase and some are in their construction phase. 
I am providing highlights below on the status of our "top 7" most critical projects, now in their design phase. 
Solicitation of public bids and award of actual construction contracts will follow in the very near future.  
Top 7 Capital Projects Update:

#1} Library Windows/Skylights and Building Envelope: $15M

The Robert J. Kibbee Library and Media Center is one of the most heavily used facilities at the College.    Built in 1976, it stands 8 stories high and contains a gross floor area of 117,300 square feet. 

This long-awaited project will provide a leak-free (air and water) environment at the Library building interiors.  All of the 1,600 originally installed windows and skylights (approximately 12,400 square feet of glazing area) will be replaced with “bird-friendly” glazing.  All storefronts and sloped roofs will also be replaced under this contract.            

  • A moving Contractor will be hired by DASNY to assess the impact that this project will have on the occupants of the building during construction.
  •  An on-site survey meeting with the selected moving Contractor is expected to be scheduled by DASNY in late March, 2024.
  •  If all goes as planned, construction work could begin during the Fall, 2024 semester.

 #2} Library Improvements:  $900K

    Much needed improvements to the Library building interiors will be done under this contract.  New

   rubberized acoustical flooring will replace the carpeted areas on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.  ADA

   improvements will correct accessibility issues at the Public Safety office entrances.  New     

   computerized student study carrells will replace existing study carrells now in service nearly 50 years.

   New LED lighting will be installed.  Existing faculty and staff desk chairs, and visitor chairs will be


  • This project is listed as an “Out Year” project on the most recent CUNY “5 Year Capital Plan”.
  •  CUNY will need to pull the original $450K NYC grant forward and pursue a NYS match for the remaining $450K, bringing the total project budget to $900K.
  • Once the NYS match is allocated, CUNY will file a CP request with NYC/OMB for use of the entire $900K.  

 #3} Pool Reconstruction:  $17.8M

This project will correct the damage caused by leaks in the pool deck, walls, floor and gutters.  It will  also address deficiencies in the pool's lights and underwater viewing windows (used to assess the swimming technique of students). Water has been leaking through the pool wall windows and lights for many years now, causing damage to the pool walls, as well as the ceilings, walls and floors of the spaces below the pool. The scope of work will include demolishing the existing pool deck, installing a new waterproof membrane and a new tile deck surface.;All structural damage will be repaired.  Damaged ligh fixtures will be replaced. Its antiquated filtration systems will be replaced.  College branding of the pool space will be provided.

The complete reconstruction and modernization of our 48 year-old pool is rapidly approaching its 100% design phase.
  • Based on the most recent cost estimate ($17.8M) additional funding for construction will be required.
  •  Funding increases are based on current market conditions, which have increased the cost of this project substantially.
  •  This project is the #1 priority project when the College seeks funding from elected officials.
  • If additional funding is received soon, the pool reconstruction could be completed and ready for use in the Fall, 2025 or Spring, 2026 semesters.
  • The Certificate to Proceed (CP) request for construction funding was submitted by CUNY to NYC/OMB in January, 2024.
  • The Design Consultant is working to complete their 100% construction contract documents in April, 2024.
  • The projected construction start date is January, 2025.
  • The pool remains off line until this project is completed. 

 #4} Marina Reconstruction:  $13M

 Kingsborough’s marina was destroyed by SuperStorm Sandy in 2012.  The original design with      perpendicular finger piers afforded little resistance against catastrophic damage by this storm.  The new design will have finger piers parallel to the seawall, to mitigate destructive forces and survive the next major storm.  A new Travel Lift will also be provided to accommodate the CUNY 1 boat.  A new Wave Attenuator will reduce stress on the connections.

  • This phase of the project was delayed, pending filing approvals from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYC/DEP).
  • The originally anticipated project completion date of September, 2023 will need to be re-calculated once the construction contract is awarded and a construction timeline is developed.
  • Final regulatory approvals and permits have now been obtained by DASNY.
  • The public bidding process is anticipated to begin in late March, 2024. 
  • If all goes as planned, the construction phase could potentially begin in the Fall, 2024.

#5} The Leon M. Goldstein Performing Arts Center (PAC) Improvements:  $16.5M

Built in 1977, the “PAC” is the primary theater space on campus.  The existing lighting and      audio/visual systems both on stage and throughout the theater are outdated and will be replaced.  The HVAC system needs to be upgraded and its restroom facilities need to comply with ADA laws.  All existing seating and carpeting will be replaced.

  • A Design Kick-Off meeting with the Consultant was held on February 1st, 2024.
  • Several site surveys by the Design Consultant have been done in preparation of contract documents and drawings.
  • The 60% design submission is due on May 13, 2024; the 100% design submission is due on October 15, 2024.

  #6} Lighthouse Rotunda Renovation:  $6M 

   This project will transform KCC’s marquee space into a state-of-the-art multi-purpose space, complete with new acoustical flooring, new acoustical ceilings, new wall finishes, new motorized   solar control window treatment, new LED lighting with dimmers and the latest available audio/visual technology for presentations and remote meetings.

  • Borough President Reynoso allocated $3M to fund the planned renovations at the Lighthouse Rotunda (M240).
  •  The Certificate to Proceed (CP) request for design funding was submitted by CUNY to NYC/OMB in January, 2024.
  •  CUNY will pursue another $3M allocation for NYS matching funds, for a $6M project total.

 #7} Replacement of Campus Fire Hydrants:  $5.8M

 There are a total of 46 fire hydrants on campus, of which 26 are presently either missing, damaged, not functional, or they have major defects impeding proper flow of water (i.e. defective stems; cracked underground piping; constant leaking due to inability to shut off the hydrants; inability to drain; rusted and fused caps; etc.).   

  •  CUNY recently submitted a Certificate to Proceed (CP) request to NYC/OMB for permission to use a portion of $939,600 of available funding to hire a Design Consultant and begin the design phase of this project.
  •   A Design Kick-Off meeting took place on January 17, 2024.
  • A campus-wide survey of all fire hydrants was done by the Consultant on February 21, 2024.
  •   A timeline for the entire project is being developed by the Design Consultant. 

   Expected Soon

Basketball Court:  $500K

  • There is a pending funding request to NYS Senator Roxanne J. Persaud for the creation of a new, fully fenced, full sized basketball court with 2 hoops.
  •  A portion of land now occupied by the marina’s boatyard will be the site for the new outdoor basketball court, which will remain open at all times and available for use by students, faculty and staff. 

 Culinary Lab Classroom Upgrades:  $101K

 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you.
Ed Rios
Vice President for Finance & Administration
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Facilites Officer
Kingsborough Community College