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CUNY Explorrs

Asked Questions

As of December 2022, all in-person campus visits have been resumed.

All NYC DOE public schools with 6th-8th grade students are eligible, including District 75 and District 79. D75 and D79 schools may bring additional grades. Community-based organizations (CBOs) that serve DOE public middle school students are also eligible and charter school. Unfortunately, independent, and private schools are ineligible.

A typical session includes an overview of our campus and an interactive activity led by CUNY college students. Most sessions can run 1 hour to 1 hour and fifteen minutes. Timing can be accommodated to fit each individual school schedule. For our campus program descriptions, please visit our registration website.  

We are flexible in planning your campus visit. Please contact the Campus Coordinator, Denise Abarca,, to plan your visit.
D75 and D79 schools do not have a required minimum number of students.

To successfully prepare for a productive session, all remote sessions should be booked at least 1 week in advance. This allows to test any technological needs for the session beforehand.

For our sessions, we utilize Zoom as our preferred platform. However, if your school or CBO does not use Zoom, please notify the campus coordinator on which platform you utilize for your classroom.

If you have to cancel a remote session, please contact the campus coordinator within one week of your scheduled visit. If it’s for a campus tour cancel two weeks prior to your visit. This allows other schools to register for that date. If too many visits are cancelled, it is at the discretion of the Campus Coordinator to forfeit all other upcoming visits.