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College Opportunity to Prepare for Employment

College Opportunity to Prepare for Employment
C.O.P.E. officeT-4216
Phone: (718) 368- 4660

Contact C.O.P.E

Marie Beavers Mandara
C.O.P.E./ GSI Director 
Room: T4-216
Phone: 718-368-4661

Daniel Guerrero
Job Developer
Room: T4-259
Phone: 718-368-4827

Vivian Flowers 
Job Developer Assistant
Room: T4-259
Phone: 718-368-4827

Sandra Sanchez 
GSI Advisor
Room: T4-216
Phone: 718-368-4804

Brielle Richardson 
GSI Counselor
Room: T4-258
Phone: 718-368-4881

Nneka Ramcharitar
GSI Attendance Monitor
Room: T4-256
Phone: 718-368-6804

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

What is the C.O.P.E. Program?
The College Opportunity to Prepare for Employment (COPE) Program was established in February, 1993, in order to provide special services to a population of students receiving public assistance through the Human Resources Administration.
The Program targets students receiving any form of public assistance, and offers comprehensive support services to students who enroll full time in approved, vocationally-oriented associate degree programs.

C.O.P.E. Is:

  • A special collaboration between The City University of New York and The City of New York Human Resources Administration Office of Employment Serivces
  • A comprehensive system of supportive services, including job placement assistance, targeting recipients of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families who are attending CUNY to prepare for employment leading to economic self-sufficiency


  • Orientation and Information Workshops
  • Assistance with Course Registration and Scheduling
  • Personal and Academic Counseling
  • HRA Advisement, including TRE assistance, income support issues, work obligations
  • Assistance with locating child care
  • Informational Mailings
  • Referrals to Tutoring, Counseling, Job Placement and Job Search
  • Other Services as Needed (e.g. referrals to housing, domestic violence assistance, etc.)


  • To contact entering students in order to advise them of their TANF obligations and assist them in developing a plan to meet these obligations while pursuing their college studies
  • To offer pre-registration advisement to continuing students receiving carfare and childcare supplements in an attempt to ensure that they register for the courses they need in order to graduate within the OES-prescribed time limits
  • To assist students in scheduling classes so as to permit them sufficient time to meet the TANF work requirement
  • To coordinate with Documentation Services and with OES to monitor TANF participants receiving FIAs
  • To assist students in accessing such additional support services as tutoring, counseling, and job placement services to support their college retention, progress toward the degree, and continuation in their work assignment
  • To ensure, to the extent possible, that childcare supports are in place to allow students to successfully participate in college and in their work assignment
  • To act as liaisons with HRA to address issues related to work requirements, income support, or FIA receipt
  • To coordinate with CJPS to refer current, graduating and former students for job placement assistance

Computer Lab:
Come and visit and use our modern computer lab. Room T4-264

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