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College Discovery

College Discovery Bilingual Studies Program

Brenda P. Vargas,

Director of College Discovery Program

For more information, please call or e-mail

T.718.368.5576/5520 F. 718.368.4906/5997


College Discovery program was created at CUNY (City University of New York) in 1964 to assist students who have the potential to succeed, but lack educational foundation and economic resources to achieve their goals.  As a higher education opportunity program, College Discovery provides academic, financial and counseling assistance to students entering college for the first time who might otherwise be excluded due to academic or economic circumstances.

Our mission is to enhance the overall growth and development of our students through a holistic and individualized approach. The program facilitates their academic success via culturally and linguistically appropriate support services.  Our goal is to obtain the highest retention and graduation rates with students going on to baccalaureate programs and beyond. Our program offers students a variety of support services such as counseling, new student orientation, leadership skills development through various clubs, supplemental instruction, and financial aid.

The Program

The College Discovery program is one of the CUNY opportunity programs that provide comprehensive support to students with academic potential who might otherwise be excluded from higher education due to circumstances of academic and economic necessity.

Support Services

Throughout their college career, program students receive a broad range of support services, including: academic, personal, and career counseling; academic support ranging from remedial and developmental instruction through college level courses.  We also provide leadership training and student development workshops. An enhanced financial aid package provides a stipend for book expenses and partial payment of student fees as well as an additional semester of aid for degree completion.

Our staff/faculty are multilingual and proficient in Spanish, French-Creole, Russian and Chinese.

Who is Eligible?

You are eligible for admission to the College Discovery Program if you meet the following criteria:

A. First-Time Freshman

1. Be a legal resident of New York City for at least one year prior to entering college;

College Discovery Program
Economic Eligibility Screening
2016-2017 Academic Year

No. of Household Members

Total Annual Income

















2. Be a high school graduate or recipient of a state-approved equivalency diploma (GED);

3. Have a gross family income that meets the New York State guidelines (see chart);

4. Meet the academic admissions criteria established for the CUNY College Discovery Program.

How Do I Apply?

1.  You must complete the Special Programs (SEEK/College Discovery) section of the CUNY Freshman Admission Application.

2.  You must complete the Financial Aid Student Application (FAFSA).

3.  You must complete a College Discovery Program application form which is available in the CD office (L-516).

4.  You must call 718-368-5520 to schedule an appointment or (click here for online registration) to attend our enrollment orientation session.

Once Accepted, What is Next?

Admission to College Discovery is conditional upon completion of the following:

1.    Taken the CUNY basic skills assessment tests in reading, writing, and mathematics unless you are exempted based on your SAT and/or Regents scores;

2.    Attend a summer Pre-Freshman college course pending on CUNY entrance exam results.

3.    Attend a mandatory one week summer freshman orientation session (August).

B. Transfer Students

Students transferring to Kingsborough college and wishing to enroll in our program must have been enrolled in a similar program (HEOP, EOP, SEEK, CD) at their previous school.

A completed special programs transfer request form must be submitted to the College Discovery Office L516.


The College Discovery program offers a comprehensive, holistic and personalized approach to student counseling.  At the beginning of their college career, students are assigned an academic advisor/counselor who will work with them throughout their time at Kingsborough. The counselors will assist them to achieve their academic goals.  Freshmen are expected to meet with their counselors three times per semester. Continuing students meet with their counselor at least twice a semester.

Advisement/Counseling Services:

  • Provide advisement for academic plan
  • Help establish academic goals and identify skills needed to attain them
  • Assistance to develop a plan of action to reach these goals
  • Facilitate the removal of personal or academic problems interfering with the attainment of degree
  • Conduct workshops on college survival skills
  • Provide referrals for tutoring and other services
  • Assistance with the preparation for the world of work

Supplemental Instruction

Through our Supplemental Instruction resources (tutoring), we help students apply the concepts learned in class to their assignments. The Supplemental instruction office is located in D210. In addition, there is a student resource area equipped with computers and printer in room L-516. It is an excellent place to either type your papers or to do online research. Students are welcome to register for their classes there. Additionally, there is a laptop lender program. Supplemental Instruction is available Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There are evening hours Monday and Wednesday 5:00 p.m. -6:00 p.m.

 The supplemental Instruction Component

  • Exposes students to techniques, skills, and different methods of learning e.g. (critical inquiry, reading strategies, etc)
  • Helps student apply and understand concepts learned in class
  • Provides group and individual supplemental instruction as needed and assists students to understand homework, term papers and other assignments
  • Provides students with Supplemental Instruction in developmental and some introductory courses
  • Provides students with CAT-W (writing), RAT (reading), and remedial Math M1 & M2 workshops in preparation for exams
  • Provides computer assisted Supplemental Instruction
  • Assists ESL students with strategies necessary to navigate through college by providing them with multilingual staff (Spanish, French- Creole, Russian, and Chinese.)

 Events & Workshops

The College Discovery program provides a Pre-Enrollment Orientation, a Freshman Summer Experience, a Transfer Career Exploration, and a College Survival Skills Workshop.  The program honors graduates and distinguished students via its annual CD award ceremony.  In addition, for those students eager to develop leadership skills, there is a CD Student Leadership Academy (SLA). Furthermore, the students have ample opportunity to participate in various educational, social, and cultural events hosted by the student clubs.

Students Quotes

 "College Discovery has been an amazing experience for me.  It has helped me to overcome the challenges and fears I had towards entering into college.  Now I have people who truly care about my interests and concerns; I can talk to my counselor and supplemental instructors in this program.  Sometimes all people need is a push to get them started along the challenging path of life."                                                                                

- Shimella Cordis, CD student, Liberal Arts Major                                                                            

"When you join College Discovery Program, you will have the opportunity to improve yourself and not to waste time; studying hard, making some friends, and enjoying your life in U.S.A."

-    Hailan (Yuki) Tang, CD student, Mathematics Major



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