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   I've Been Selected for Verification; Now What?

Overview of Verification
If the U.S. Department of Education selected your FAFSA for review in a process called "verification," then the Financial Aid Office is required by law to compare the information you submitted on your original application for Federal aid (FAFSA) with the information provided on "proof documents" -- signed copies of your (and where applicable, your spouse's and/or parents') previous year's federal tax forms. Depending upon the source of your/your spouse's/parents' income, you may also be required to prove other sources of untaxed income such as public assistance, Social Security benefits, Veterans benefits, etc. The Financial Aid Office will help you determine what agencies you will have to contact to complete the process of verifying income received from these untaxed income sources.

What to do...
First, read any messages from the Department of Education appearing on your SAR (Student Aid Report). Then, carefully collect appropriate , signed documents or, in the case of untaxed benefits, forms given to you by the Financial Aid Office which will be filled out by the agency which has paid out the benefits. Contact the Kingsborough Community College Financial Aid Office at 718.368.4644/4640/4646 or
e-mail a financial aid counselorif you have any questions. Once you have collected all the required proof documents, bring them to the Financial Aid Office and fill out a verification worksheet. We will then compare the information on the SAR with the proof documents. If discrepancies occur, we will note them on the worksheet, evaluate their impact on your award, and assist you in reporting any corrections to the federal government.

Errors may or may not affect the amount of your award. Verification must be completed in advance of disbursing any monies to you from ANY financial aid program: e.g., Pell, loan, College Work Study, any other Title IV program as well as other "Special Programs" - College Discovery and the Bilingual programs.

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