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Do Courses, Course Withdrawals and Grades Affect Financial Aid?


Degree Status
You must be a matriculated student (enrolled in a degree program) to meet basic financial aid eligibility requirements. In addition, matriculation must be maintained from semester to semester through the maintenance of an acceptable grade point average (GPA). For additional information on this subject, speak with a financial aid counselor in Room U-201.

Credit Loads
You are required to take a minimum of one credit for Pell and six credits for the other Title IV programs in the "A" (12-week semester) at Kingsborough. A minimum of 12 credits in your major is needed in the "A" semester to receive TAP. However, credits may be combined during "A" and "B" (6-week semester) in order to establish eligibility as of the "B" Semester for TAP and Pell. Fall plus Winter may be combined, and Spring and Summer may be considered together.

In addition, a certain number of non-remedial credits are necessary for TAP eligibility every payment term; the number of these "real credits" changes as you advance towards a degree. Check with the TAP Office, P-204 for additional information. Finally, remedial credits in excess of 30 will not be considered in establishing eligibility for Pell and the other Title IV programs. In addition, since remedial courses and their remedial component of developmental and compensatory courses do not carry degree credit, enrollment in these courses will not result in the inclusion of the non-credit portion as cumulative earned and/or attempted credit.

Course Withdrawals
If you contemplate withdrawing from a course or from the College, consult with an academic counselor. If you need to locate your counselor, go to Room A-216 for assistance. If withdrawal is required, it must be done before the deadline, otherwise a grade of "WU," an unofficial withdrawal, will result and adversely affect the GPA. A "WU" is equivalent to a grade of "F."

Incomplete Courses
Courses with incomplete grades are included as cumulative attempted credits. However, these courses cannot be used as credits accumulated toward the degree as only successful course completion is the criterion for positive credit accumulation.

If a grade of "INC" or "Z" is given, these grades will become "F" and will ultimately have a negative impact on the GPA. Consult with an academic counselor to determine the process of completing a course. Go to Room A-216 to locate an academic counselor.

Repeated Courses
Successfully completed courses will be accepted toward degree requirements. However, each time a course is attempted, it is included as part of the cumulative attempted credit record and GPA. If a failed course is repeated with a grade of "C" or better, the grade in the successfully completed course will count in the GPA, replacing the "F" grade earned on the first attempt. Only 16 such repeated course credits may be attempted in this fashion during a career at Kingsborough.

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