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Campus Sustainability - 10 Year Plan

History of Sustainability on Campus

KCC has always taken a proactive approach in regards to energy savings. As early as 1991, KCC partnered with New York Power Authority by changing the outside lighting poles from mercury vapor to high pressure sodium bulbs. This cut energy usage by 75% (400 watt bulbs were replaced with 100 watt bulbs). Light fixtures were retrofitted to T-8 florescent bulbs from T-12 bulbs. In addition, reflective shields were put in so that two lamps were needed rather than four per fixture. Incandescent bulbs were replaced with compact florescent and occupancy sensors were installed. To date the college continues to install occupancy sensors in smaller rooms and offices on campus. All electric motors on campus that are above 5 horsepower were replaced with high efficiency motors. Projects were also completed in the A & S science lab S 157, where indirect T-8 fluorescent fixtures were installed to replace 400 watt metal halide bulbs which were used as indirect lighting.


In the Physical Education Building, (G Building), all windows in the pool area were replaced with insulated glass, and the College installed a pool blanket which is used during off hours to prevent heat from escaping. The College held its First Annual Eco-festival on campus and one in each of the following years. KCC introduced free bus service for students, faculty and staff to and from local subway stations. KCC purchased its first college hybrid vehicle on state contract.


The college replaced single paned windows throughout T-2 with double insulated glass.


A new Marine Academic Center roof was installed with additional insulation. The Green Boat was donated to campus. The College began purchasing low volume, auto toilet flushers and installed them in high volume bathrooms. The College purchased a flex-fuel truck.

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