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Campus Sustainability - 10 Year Plan

Action Plan by Pillar Area

Short-Term Goals (enacted since June 2007 or to be completed by end of 2009
Goal E1 Reduce Computer Electricity Consumption - Achieved
Timeline Jan 2009 – Dec 2009
Goal Summary Objective: Minimize the amount of electricity consumed by idle computers through automated controls and best practices
Metrics for Success: Reduced hourly computer electricity consumption
Baseline: Estimation / Calculation of current kWh consumption
Current Practice: No controls to reduce electricity consumption of idle computers
Costs & Funding: Purchase and installation of technology to control idle computers remotely
Implementing Agents: Students / Staff / Faculty and IT solutions partner
Actions to be taken • Estimate current daily kWh consumption by campus computers (KW per unit x number of units x average hours used per day)
• Assess existing technology solutions for remote control of idle computers
• Select, purchase and install best solution
• Conduct education campaign for students / staff / faculty regarding switching off idle computers
• Compare daily energy consumption patterns after 1year to determine impact and savings
• Share results / success with CUNY community
Goal E2 Apply Window Film to U112 - Faculty & Staff Dining Room - Completed
Timeline Jan 2009 – Dec 2009
Goal Summary Objective: To minimize cost of cooling and heating
Metrics for Success: Film applied to windows with highest potential to reduce energy usage.
Costs & Funding: Operational Budget
Implementing Agents: Department of Finance and Administration
Actions to be taken • College created work schedule
• Applied Film
  Intermediate Goals (1-5 years)
Goal E3 Make modifications to conserve energy in HVAC System and Lighting in T-2 and T-4 Buildings - Ongoing
Timeline 2007-2012
Goal Summary A study conducted by EME Group to look at energy consumption in the T-2 and T-4 buildings. The study was funded by the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services
Actions to be taken • Conduct Energy Audit
• Forward Energy Audit to CUNY
• Request funds from NYC
• Awaiting receipt of funds from NYC for T-4 building modifications ($56,600).
• Partial Funding for T-2 building modifications has been received
• KCC has applied for a NYSERDA Grant (RFP 1613 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) - Awaiting Response
• If awarded, NYSERDA Grant will be applied to both T-2 and T-4 buildings.
• Additional funding will be sought from National Grid
Goal E4 Upgrade Window AC units to Energy Star Rated Units - Ongoing
Timeline Mar 2010 – Mar 2011
Goal Summary Objective: Phased project to reduce electricity consumption by replacing unusable window AC units with more energy efficient models
Actions to be taken  • Research marketplace for Energy Star rated window AC units (models / pricing / specifications) and select best model(s)
• Determine total costs for units
• Determine total cost of installation
• Schedule phased replacement of units in line with timeline
Goal E5 Consolidate servers/systems
Timeline 2010-2012
Actions to be taken • Replace physical servers with virtual servers. KCC currently has 30 virtual servers and will increase this number to 40.
• Switch physical servers that cannot be virtualized to blade server technology. KCC currently has 20 servers. We intend to increase this number to 32.
• Replace the existing high consumption switches on Extreme Green rated switches in IDF closets. We intend to replace 26 IDF switches
• Will use LCD monitors instead of CRT monitors
• Upgrade data center cooling system
• Switch to more efficient computing technology
• Practice aggressive asset management
• Implement desk virtualization using thin clients
• Procure Power management software to shutdown computers, etc.
• Use power management features for computers (sleep/standby)
• Purchase Energy Star or EPEAT rated equipment (PCs/printers/copiers/AC units)
• Complete conversion of all classrooms to smart classrooms
• Replace and return old copiers with more energy efficient copiers
• Actively monitor the lifecycle of IT assets
Long-Term Goals (5-10 years)
Goal E6 Reduce energy usage - Ongoing
June 2007- December 2017
Goal Summary Objective - Obtain a comprehensive picture of KCC Campus energy use and create opportunities for improved efficiency and savings
Implementing agents - New York Power Authority, National Grid,
Actions to be taken • Join Peak Load Program - Renewable Annually - Now participating 12 months per year. ( previously a Summer Program).
• Change lighting in labs in sections of Arts & Sciences building - Completed
• Install occupancy sensors campus-wide - Ongoing
• Install solar panel on Marine and Academic Center (M Building) Roof - Completed
• Replace roof and skylights on T8 Building - Completed
• Replace Library Roof to meet current building codes - Ongoing (Projected Completion Date October 2010)
Goal E7 Design and Install New Central Plant for Heating and Air Conditioning - IN PROGRESS
Timeline January 2010 - December 2013
Goal Summary Objective - Replace obsolete heating plant with new energy efficient equipment
Costs & Funding - $8,264,046
Implementing Agents - New York State Dormitory Authority and Genesys Engineering (consultants)
Actions to be taken • 2009 - Conduct Feasibility Study.
• Recommended Solution - Medium Temperature Hot Water Boiler
Best Solution for KCC Heating Demands
• 2010 - Design Phase Begins
• October 2010 - Review of Design Plans by Kingsborough Community College
CUNY and NYS Dormitory Authority
• Prepare Biddable Documents
• Establish Formal Bid
• Award Contract
• Commission Equipment
• Installation and Completion.
Goal E8 Install Photocell Lighting Controls in all Corridors with windows
Timeline January 2012 – December 2017
Goal Summary Objective: reduce electricity use in window lighted corridors
Current Practice: Normal college lighting system which is time set.
Costs & Funding: Photocells will be purchased with Operation Budget Funds
Implementing Agents: Office of Buildings and Grounds
Actions to be taken • Identify corridors with windows
• Purchase photocells
• Install photocells

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