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Campus Sustainability - 10 Year Plan

Sustainable Education and Outreach

Short-Term Goals (enacted since June 2007 or to be completed by end of 2009)
Goal SE&O 1 Survey and educate College Community on sustainable nutrition - Achieved
Timeline November 2008 - January 2009
Actions to be taken • Conduct five focus groups on campus to survey the College Community's satisfaction with food service vendor
• Focus groups were organized by segments of our campus population and included: students; faculty; instructional staff; clerical staff and blue collar and public safety personnel.
• Feedback was recorded and vendor goals were established from feedback.
• Tourism and Hospitality Department conducted workshops during Ecofest 2009 on Sustainable Nutrition.
Intermediate Goals (1-5 years)
Goal SE&O 2 Involve NYC Department of Education students in sustainability efforts through Campus Leadership Programs.
Timeline 2010-2012
Actions to be taken • Encourage participation through the creation of various KBCC internet website sustainability pages including Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc.
• Expand participation by College Now, Leon M. Goldstein High School and the Kingsborough Early College Secondary School students.
• Coordinate students with staff to team up on sustainability projects
• Create student and staff teams to participate in collecting cartridges and recyclable electronics
Goal SE&O 3 Introduce and reinforce the important message of Sustainability to all incoming students and current students
Timeline 2010-2012
Actions to be taken • Distribute recyclable mugs and water bottles at many student events organized under the umbrella of Welcome Back Week.
• Highlight employers, who promote sustainability, at our EcoFest Training Fair Recruitment Sessions
• Reduce the number of cigarette butts on campus by hosting an event entitled, "Kick Butt Day." Information tables will be hosted in the college breezeway to increase awareness of the dangers of second hand smoke and reinforce the college's "No Smoking within 25 feet of an entrance" rule.
• Introduce a sustainability awareness/educational component as part of the college's New Student Orientation Program which is attended by all incoming students.
• Increase the number of students participating in the Student World Assembly Campus Cleanup Day.
• Inform students of the location of each water filtration system dispenser located on campus and encourage students to carry personal reusable drinking cups to properly utilize dispensers. Motivate students to communicate their thoughts through blogging about certain sustainable measures taken, such as, smoking ban.
Goal SE&O 4 Inform faculty and staff of on campus available sustainability opportunities and information
Timeline 2010-2012
Actions to be taken • As part of the KBCCs Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Program, Human Resources will create a segment to educate faculty and staff on how to establish and maintain an eco-friendly work environment.
• In addition, Human Resource will create a new program segment on Sustainability for their New Employee Orientation Program which is held each autumn.
• Human Resources will research the cost and work involved in creating a new sustainability brochure. This brochure will be directed toward faculty and staff and will list several ways of reducing office waste.
Long-Term Goals (5-10 years)
Goal SE&O 5 Communicate with our student population by utilizing technology to follow good sustainability practices
Timeline 2013-2017
Actions to be taken • Reduce the usage of the U.S. Mail System for student communications by 75% and replace that method with current technology such as e-mail, texting, blackboard and the use of internet community site, i.e. Facebook, MySpace, etc.
• Reduce the use of printed books by 10% and replace printed materials with e-Books. E-Books are less expensive and will reduce the need for physical storage space.
Goal SE&O 6 Establish KBCC website on sustainability featuring Ecofest- Ongoing
Timeline January 2006 to December 2017
Goal Summary • A comprehensive new Eco-Festival website was designed to publicize the Annual Eco-Festival events and activities and has served as an ongoing resource center for students, faculty, staff and the external community. It is prominently posted on the KCC cover homepage (
Actions to be taken • The website will be converted into a Sustainable Kingsborough website.
Goal SE&O 7 Integrate Sustainability Theme into Curriculum
Timeline June 2007 - December 2017
Goal Summary • Our annual Eco-Festival largely satisfies this goal by involving students, faculty, staff and the external community in four days of educational programming centered on the environment. The Responsibility 2 Care (R2C) Program is another project unique to KCC that seeks to promote environmental awareness and stewardship and provide a platform for student involvement and engagement in keeping Kingsborough Community College clean and sustainable.
Actions to be taken • Serve as the primary point of student community for sustainability efforts on campus.
• Work with Buildings and Grounds Staff to establish best practices, policies, and/or standards for sustainable projects and operation on campus, where appropriate.
• Identify and prioritize resource conservation opportunities in offices, labs and buildings.
• Inspire the KCC Community to reduce environmental and health impacts and assist KCC in becoming a leader amongst the CUNY campus sustainability efforts.
• Act as representatives of the environmental movement at KCC during campus events, such as, but not limited to, Eco-Festival, Commencement, Homecoming, KCC for a Day, CampusFest, New Student Orientations, student government activities, etc.
Goal SE&O8 Create service learning experiences for students on the Green Boat.
Timeline 2009-2010
Goal Summary Objectives - Clean campus beach and local waterways surrounding campus by conducting boat based clean-ups of floatable marine debris
Metrics for success - Develop boat handling skills for KCC students; Calculate the total number of cubic yards of trash disposed of by the end of the program.
Costs & funding - $4,000.00 for vessel conversion, Perkins Grant $19,000.00 to pay Captains to operate vessel with volunteer students on weekends. NOAA Grant
Actions to be taken • Students will utilize boat to clean debris from local waterways.

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