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Campus Sustainability - 10 Year Plan


Short-Term Goals
Goal P1 100% conversion of computer screens from CRTs to LCDs
Timeline June 2007 to September 2010
Action Steps • Replace LCDs with efficient Plasma Screens
Goal P2 Convert College Paper Supply to 30% recycled content paper for copy and print. ACHIEVED
Timeline 2007 to 2009
Action Steps • Purchase 30% recyclable paper
Goal P3 Manage purchase orders by using EPS system online. ONGOING
Timeline 2007 - 2017
Action Steps • College community utilizes e-procurement to manage purchase orders online and reduce the use of paper.
Intermediate Goals (1-5 years)
Goal P4 Revamp printing methods to include possibly using 100% recyclable paper, limiting single sided printing and relocate some public printing stations
Timeline 2010-2012
Actions to be taken • Investigate the possibility of using 100% recyclable paper. This goal may be inhibited by our physical location near an ocean with high humidity
• Replace single printing machines with power efficient multi function printers
• Use recyclable HP toners and recycled papers
• Centralize printing in the library to decrease the amount of equipment usage
• Mandate double-sided printing
• Encourage the use of multi function machines instead of separate printers and FAX machines.
Goal P5 Enhance internal purchasing practices with environmentally preferred practices
Timeline 2010-2012
Actions to be taken • Devise a pilot program to test green products
• Set over-arching green procurement targets
• Purchase items which have a take-back program to promote environmentally responsible disposal at end of life.
• Adopt policy of purchasing items certified by organizations such as EPEAT, Energy Star, etc.
• Devise green purchasing policy for most frequently bought items
• Only buy "Energy Star" computers, monitors and printers
• Include environmental standards in IT procurement policies
Long Term Goal
Goal P6 Purchase green products - ONGOING
Timeline 2007 - 2017
Action Steps • Use green sealed products for cleaning

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