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  Property/Stockroom/Central Receiving

The Supervisor of Stock Workers establishes and maintains procedures for the receipt and delivery of all items purchased by the college. The Property Office receives, ships, checks, records, distributes and/or stores all orders coming to Kingsborough Community College in an orderly manner, and to enable the faculty, staff and students to operate with the least amount of inconvenience. We also supply the faculty bi-monthly with general office supplies and assist in the salvaging and disposing of equipment.


Kenneth Thompson
Property Manager

Jarid Rodriguez-Murray
Jason Echevarria

The Property Office is located in room number P-105.
The phone number is 718-368-5121.
The mail code is PO.

Hours of operation
Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Receiving hours:
Monday to Friday
8 a.m. to 12 noon and
1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.


To facilitate proper service from the Property Office the following procedures must be followed:

  1. No personal shipments or deliveries will be accepted or shipped by the Property Office.
  2. No orders will be accepted by the Property Office without a purchase Order number issued by the Purchasing Office or any accredited city, state or government agency.
  3. Correspondence without a purchase order number will be forwarded to the mail room for distribution.
  4. Orders placed through the Purchasing Office or any aforementioned agency must be received only by the Property Office. Orders received or picked up personally without going through the Property Office will not get the authorization of receipt required by the Accounts Payable
    Office. THE BILL WILL NOT BE PAID. This also prevents the Property Office from tagging and accounting for property that has to be recorded in the city university database.

Receiving College Merchandise

  1. When the order is received the originator of the order will be notified. You will receive a two-part form called Notice of Receipt at Warehouse. This will tell you the orders arrival date, number of cartons, weight and if the order is complete. The blue copy is for your records. The pink copy has a warehouse release form section to be filled out by you. This tells us who and where to release the merchandise. DO NOT SIGN the received box on the pink copy. This is to be done when you or your designee receives the merchandise. Return the pink copy to the Property Office, P105, mail code PO, by inter-office mail or by hand. When you or whom you designate receives the order then the pink copy “received box” should be signed (print name legibly) and dated. The pink copy will be attached to the Property Office’s copy of the purchase order to serve as proof of delivery. This operation will be done electronically by e-mail in the future.
  2. When merchandise is received by the Property Office each order is checked to assure its contents. If our staff needs assistance, the originator of the order may be called upon to assist us in this operation. If you find errors or discrepancies when you receive the order the Property Office must be notified so the situation can be rectified.

Accounting for CUNY Merchandise
Some merchandise received has to be accounted for in the city university database. This involves a tagging procedure. Certain merchandise has to be distributed by the Computer Department, the Instructional Computer Department and Office Services. This is why delivery of certain items may take a few days. Your cooperation and understanding of these procedures is appreciated.

General Office Supply Order Form
Supply orders must be placed bi-monthly (by the first day of the month and the fifteenth day of the month) for distribution the following week. The orders are placed online by using the General Office Supply Order Form. You may also obtain a physical copy at P105, or by inter-office mail upon your request. A blank copy will accompany all supply orders received for use for your next order. Properly filling out this form will expedite delivery of merchandise selected. This service is offered twice a month. Please order what you need. Our warehouse has limited space, which allows us to store just so much merchandise. We supply the whole school so please make your requests reasonable. In the event merchandise is needed before or after the bi-monthly dates, we request that you send us a memo, properly signed, listing the merchandise and quantities that you need. Only merchandise listed in the General Office Supply Order Form is available. Any other merchandise has to be ordered through the Purchasing Office. Recommendations for additional items to be added to the General Office Supply Order Form are welcome.

No equipment is to be salvaged or disposed of without the proper authorization and paper work. The paper work can be obtained at your department office or from the Property Office at P105. When the paper work is filled out, signed, submitted and approved by the Property Office, the merchandise for salvage or disposal will be picked up by the Property Office or by Buildings and Grounds. No merchandise shall be salvaged or disposed of by yourself or by your department. The paper work needed is either the Electronic Equipment Recycling/Disposal Cover Sheet or the Equipment Recycling/Disposal Cover Sheet. Both forms have two pages.


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