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Public Safety and Security

Welcome to the webpage of the Public Safety Department (PSD) at Kingsborough Community College (KBCC). I am excited and honored to serve as Chief of the PSD. I am committed to making Kingsborough Community College a safer, more serviceable and better prepared campus for our faculty, staff, students and visitors alike.

This website is just one of many ways in which the KBCC-PSD is working to engage the campus and surrounding community in the type of dialogue and information exchange that is vital to our success. On our website you will find a host of information about the KBCC-PSD. Our webpage includes Public Service Announcements (PSA), videos, announcements, as well as rosters, contact information to essential departments and services. Individuals interested in becoming part of the CUNY Peace Officer and Campus Security Assistant staff can find out about career opportunities both sworn and civilian.

Your interest in the KBCC-PSD and the safety of your community is appreciated. The Internet and related technologies will never replace the need for our officers to be out in the campus community, working face-to-face with faculty, staff, students, community leaders, business owners and others. These technologies can help bring people together, and they can enhance our ability to provide quality customer service as well as security to all categories of people that arrive and interact on the Kingsborough Community College campus.

The College strives to provide a safe environment. The guidelines for a safer environment are outlined in the code of the student rights, "The Henderson Rules." We have implemented security policies and educational programming dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure environment.

I hope you find our webpage interesting and useful, and your regular visitation is appreciated, as new content and features are added periodically.  I welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve our webpage and campus safety operations overall.


Director of Public Safety
Tel: 718.368.5069 | Fax: 718.368.5031
Kingsborough Community College

Kenneth Greene
Lieutenant of Kingsborough Community College Public Safety's Department

Richard Lazarini
Lieutenant of Kingsborough Community College Public Safety's Department

Francis Vargas
Workplace Violence Coordinator

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