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Annual Priorities 2008-2009

  • Academic Programs

    • Address General Education restructuring through the College Council (Curriculum Committee).
    • Implement the remaining recommendations of the Liberal Arts Task Force.
    • Submit proposals for Respiratory Therapist, EMS Paramedic, and Occupational Therapy Assistant.
    • Conduct a comprehensive review of articulation agreements.
    • Expand the Honors Program and continue to develop related co-curricular activities.
    • Increase collaboration between credit and non-credit programs.

    Improving Student Outcomes

    • Finish specifying student course learning outcomes and post them on the College web site.
    • Conduct assessments of student service outcomes (SENSE and CCSSE).

    Delivery of Instruction

    • Establish standards for online and hybrid courses through a faculty committee.
    • Increase the number of online and hybrid courses offered.
    • Offer additional course scheduling options.

    Student Services and Enrollment Management

    • Improve early intervention for students experiencing difficulties in their studies.
    • Implement the recommendations of the Task Force on Students with GED Diplomas.
    • Increase enrollment by targeting specific ethnic and geographic markets.


    • Provide financial and staff support for new technology initiatives.
    • Implement the General Ledger and Human Capital Management modules of CUNY FIRST.

    Resource and Organizational Development

    • Increase support and incentives for faculty to write grants.
    • Build the new Nursing laboratory.
    • Renovate the athletic field.
    • Return the T-7 Building to KCC instructional purposes.
    • Establish a presence in western Brooklyn beginning with the offering of developmental and Continuing Education courses.
    • Produce a comprehensive fundraising plan.
    • Institute a leadership development program through HR.

The Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning


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