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Reading and Writing Center


Who We Are
The Reading and Writing Center serves as a resource for all students in English courses.

Our primary goal is to help students develop their own academic skills – seeing more in essays, rethinking and revising papers, or identifying and correcting their own mistakes in writing. We base our philosophy and approach to tutoring on an understanding of language development as an activity of critical reading, writing, and thinking.

What We Offer
The Reading and Writing Center offers a variety of FREE tutoring. This includes:

  • Walk-in tutoring
  • One-on-one tutoring, scheduled with a private tutor for the entire semester
  • English class labs mandated by the ESL/ENG sequence
  • Special lab hours for students in the ESL Intensive and Opening Doors programs
  • Access to Assignment lab, tutoring for essays at the ENG12 level and beyond

How We Work
The following are just some of the ways our tutors encourage students to discover and sharpen their own sense of meaning:

  • Reading essays out loud, serving as an attentive “listener”
  • Discussing ideas within the paper, and developing them further
  • Re-organizing a paper, and deciding more carefully what to tell first, second, or third
  • Discussing and analyzing in-class readings. What parts are confusing?
  • Discussing the goal of the assignment with a tutor. What is expected from this exercise?
  • Reviewing teacher’s comments about a student’s work. What was useful, and what needs work?
  • Identifying error patterns in a student’s writing, connecting errors to intention

What we do not offer is an editing service to fix essays, or to do a student’s homework

How to Connect
Students can be referred to the Reading and Writing Center by their instructors, or they can make appointments on their own by coming to the Lab.
We are located on the Second floor of the Library, room L219

2001 Oriental Boulevard, Brooklyn New York, 11235
Telephone: (718) 368-5405
Fax:: (718) 368-5872

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