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Men's Resourse Center


What Is The Men's Resource Center?

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The Men’s Resource Center at Kingsborough Community College gives academic and peer support to self-identified men of color. The program is designed to empower men and improve their college experience through one-on-one mentoring, goal-setting, and academic assistance.

What can I expect?

The Men’s Resource Center program is geared for success. We help you achieve your goals through:
• Professional and peer mentors
• Intensive academic support
• Networking with other students
• Career exploration
• Culturally-focused activities

How do I get involved?

There are three ways you can get involved.

  • You can ask to be matched with an academic mentor at any point during the semester.
  • You can attend one of our Institute Sessions held during the Winter or Summer Session.
  • You can stop by the Men’s Resource Center located in U-218 (above the cafeteria) M-F, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and speak to the Program Specialist, Michael Rodriguez or any staff member and have your questions answered.

The Institute

If you have fewer than 24 credits, the institute will give you a sound academic foundation to jump start your next semester. In addition, you will be introduced to many services that are available in the Men’s Resource Center. We will also introduce you to other KCC resources - career planning, financial aid, services for students with disabilities, counseling, and more. Furthermore, you will meet professional mentors, who work alongside students to achieve their educational and personal goals.

Professional and Peer Mentors
Interested in a Mentoring Program? After an initial meeting with the program coordinator, you will have the opportunity to be matched up. We ask you to consider the following:

Professional mentors: Our professional mentors are a diverse group of faculty and staff here at KCC. Some have earned bachelors degrees, others masters or doctorates. What draws them to this program is their commitment to helping you map out your own academic success. They will work with you, one-on-one, to manage academic challenges, financial aid issues, and the social aspects of the college experience.

Peer mentors: Our peer mentors are fellow men of Integrity, Responsibility, Opportunity, and Nobility (I.R.O.N.), students who have already achieved some success at KCC. They will listen to your concerns, share their experiences, and help you to create your own path.

"Round Table" Meetings

The Men’s Resource Center wants to hear from you. Each month, we hold two "Round Table" meetings to discuss our struggles, to explore our successes, and to hear from professionals from the community. We also schedule events/ trips that will get you excited about the career and educational opportunities awaiting you after KCC. Honoring your Achievements
Throughout your participation in I.R.O.N. Men Mentoring Program, we will recognize your level of involvement and accomplishments.

  • First Semester: You will be recognized as an Apprentice
  • Second Semester: You will be recognized as a Mentor Apprentice
  • Third Semester: You will be recognized as a Mentor Scholar
  • Fourth Semester: You will be recognized as a Scholar Ambassador

Men’s Resource Center Student Highlight:

Javon John: KCC graduate and A Men’s Resource Center/BMI Legacy participant
Javon John is a former student of Kingsborough Community College (KCC) where he earned his AS in Liberal Arts in the spring 2008 semester. He is an International student from Trinidad and Tobago, who became a member of the Black Male Initiative Program (BMI) in the summer of 2006. Then in the summer of 2007, he was employed by the Men’s Resource Center where he currently work as a college assistant. In his time with the BMI program, Javon has gained valuable experience, skills and has provided mentor­ing to incoming BMI students. Currently, Javon is a student at City College: The City University of New York (CCNY), and he is an English Major student focusing on Creative Writing. In the fall of 2008, Javon was selected as a Teachers as Leaders Scholars, at CCNY, and he anticipates writ­ing the LAST, the ATS-W and the CST (English), the New York State Teacher Certifica­tion Examinations (NYSTCE) needed for preliminary certification in the upcoming spring 2010 semester. The BMI program has enabled him to obtain scholarships, participate in various clubs and it has served as a great source in networking. In the future, Javon hopes to pursue his Master’s degree in Elementary Education and work as a New York City public school teacher.

What do students have to say about The Men’s Resource Center?

"The Men’s Resource Center made me understand not only who I am, but who I am becoming." - Onyemaechi Ofulue

"The MRC represents a group of young men helping one another to achieve."
- Jordan Blake

"The BMI club has given me a positive group of people who can give me advice, courage, and confidence. The club has and will make a better person out of me for the future."

- Cid Dominique

"Coming to the Institute, I was too afraid to speak to the people. Now everyone I know can say 'I can’t shut him up'. Honestly, the gift of letting others know how I feel is priceless and that gift was given to me by the Institute. Thank you is not enough."

- Rasheed Farnum

Brother’s United

Brothers United (B.U), is a newly formed club for male students at Kingsborough Community College. The club is dedicated to increasing the academic, social and personal experience of men of color of Kingsborough. Part of the Brothers United mission is to serve as a link to the wider college community. This will be done by bestowing knowledge, promoting awareness and creating opportunities that will facilitate them in attaining their objectives. A few ways they will accomplish this is through a series of workshops, speakers’ bureau, career experts, mentoring, campus collaborations and monthly meetings. The club focuses on the male experience from various backgrounds.

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