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This page offers a Teacher Toolbox, a set of materials on the current KCC Reads book teachers can use, adapt or be inspired by: course syllabi, classroom exercises, assignments, exams, etc. In the English department, we have developed a number of such toolboxes that are used by members of our faculty—when teaching a course for the first time, for example, or when newly hired, and thus needing to familiarize themselves with assigned courses and with Kingsborough practices.

In connection with KCC Reads, we assemble this Teacher Toolbox for similar reasons. Many faculty adopting the book are teaching it for the first time. And so, this set of teaching materials can be most helpful.

Please read through the material below and use or adapt whatever parts are useful for your class. Know that this page is a work in progress. Any questions or ideas, suggestions for improvement, and, most especially, any additional teaching materials you have for inclusion in the Toolbox would be very much appreciated. If so, please send them to us at:

KCC Reads

Teacher Toolbox:  Americanah

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~Teaching Materials & Readings: Individual Teachers & Classes~

Prof. Babette Audant suggests the following piece in connection with teaching Americanah:

Prof. Wendy Chu recommends the African American Intellectual History Society's "On Teaching Americanah":

Prof. Maureen Fadem will use the following materials in connection with teaching Americanah:

My Syllabus for English 67, Women's Literature:

My Syllabus for English 12, Freshman Composition:

Prof. Fadem will also teach the 2002 FILM Dirty Pretty Things with Americanah, a story that dovetails with it, particularly that the main character, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, is Nigerian, and that, like Obinze, he winds up in   London undocumented while dreaming of being in New York City:. The IMDB page:

 Prof. John Keller created this essay assignment on Americanah (for his English 12 students):

 Prof. Keisha Thompson recommends the following video -- a "Wendy" staff pick pitch for Americanah:


 Also see videos from this year's KCC Reads Events:

View Prof. Skoric's Inaugural Lecture on Americanah:

View Prof. Arenas' Fall Lecture on Americanah: 


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~Online Teaching Resources~
Penn State's Common Reading Program Adopted Americanah - their Resource Guide:
Notable Reviews of Americanah:

New York Times Book Review:


The Washington Post:

The Guardian:

The Boston Globe:

The Independent (London):


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~Video File Teaching Aids~

A very useful video to get students thinking about Adichie's representation of Africa / Nigeria

and the kinds of discourses she is responding to in Americanah (this vide was shot in Kenya, but the issues are the same):

A group of experts at the CUNY Graduate Center discuss the current immigration debates:

Especially for Culinary instructors or those teaching a Food Studies focus with Americanah:


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~Audio File Teaching Aids~


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Other Writings or Talks by the author, Chimamanda Adichie:
  Adichie's Commencement Address at Wellesley, 5/29/15: 

Chimamanda Adichie's much loved "TED TALKS":

"The Danger of a Single Story":

"We Should All Be Feminists":

Interview: "We Should All Be Feminists":

A short story by Chimamanda Adichie in The New Yorker:
An article by Chimamanda Adichie in Elle magazine:
 Some Interviews on Americanah with the Author:
An interview with Adichie in The New Yorker from August 2015:
Other Interviews on Americanah

Other Links:
Chimamanda Adichie's Website
 Adichie Launches Real-Life Americanah Blog:
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Books are available, for as long as they last, in Room M-386

Americanah is available at for students with print disabilities. See AccessAbility for more info: D-205, x5175.

This Teacher Toolbox is always under construction -- please send us your materials, resources or suggestions!


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