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“The book to read is not the one which thinks for you, but the one which makes you think.”  


~James McCosh

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99 VOICES:  A KCC Reads Civic Engagement Initiative

Dialogue  |  Education  | Transformation 



99 Voices is a task force at Kingsborough that seeks to foster campus community and

to effect positive change in U.S. social life through convening social justice symposia. 

The work of the group is organized around issues of anti-black racism and institutional

violence, particuarly as these structures impact students of the college.


Our first symposium, 99 Voices for Trayvon Martin, was held on May 9th, 2012:



On April 22nd, 2013, 99 Voices screened the film "Broken On All Sides: ..."



In 2014, we are instituting a larger scale project, a 2015 conference titled:

99 Voices Teach Ferguson: A KCC Symposia




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Steering Committee:

 Michael Rodriguez (BMI / MRC) & Maureen Fadem (English), Co-Organizers

Kevicha Echols (Health)

Peter Fiume (Education)

Farin Kautz (KCC Alumnus)

Martin Matthew (History)

Lavita McMathTurner (Government and Community Relations) 

Helen Nasser (Honors)

Janine Palludan (KCTL)

Frances Robinson (Women's Center) 

Debra Schultz (History)

Tasheka Sutton-Young (Student Life)

Silvia Torres (Urban Farm)  


"Your silence will not protect you..." ~Audre Lorde


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