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Professor Wendy Chu,
Head of Periodicals Services,
718 368-4672

Print Periodicals

Kingsborough and other CUNY colleges own many print periodicals (newspapers, magazines, and journals), in addition to periodical articles online. If you come across a newspaper or other periodical article that is not full text online it may be in print and available in the Periodicals area (3rd floor of the library). Search thePeriodicals Databasefor availability of a given journal, magazine or newspaper at the Robert J. Kibbee Library.

How to Find an Article About Your Subject

If you want to know where articles about your subject are located in newspapers, magazines and journals, you must use a print or online periodicals index. If you already have an article citation which you found online or elsewhere, and you want to see the print version, all you need to do is retrieve the newspaper, magazine or journal which contains the article from the shelf-- or request it unbound at the Periodicals Desk.

Locations of Periodicals Indexes

The Periodicals area on the third floor (just up the stairs in front of the Reference Desk) contains bound (earlier) and unbound (latest) issues of many print periodicals and periodical abstracts. These are arranged alphabetically by title. Current issues for this year which are not yet bound may be requested at the Periodicals Desk. To do this you need to fill out a yellow request card at the desk and leave your ID, which may be picked up when you return the newspaper, magazine or journal to the Periodicals Desk when you are finished.

Print periodical indexes are kept on tables in front of the Reference Desk. They include the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature and several others. Print indexes to the New York Times are kept on the Periodicals book stacks. Print periodicals and indexes, like Reference books, may not be checked out of the library.

Periodical Holdings in the Library Catalog

If you want to know which print periodicals or their indexes Kingsborough and other CUNY colleges own you need to search Journal Titles in the CUNY online catalog (CUNY+). This search will show you both collective retrospective holdings and the current issues which were checked in.

Microform Services

Many periodicals, especially early ones, are photographed in their entirety and placed on microfilm. This is one way of preserving them. Microfilm holdings of periodicals are listed in the CUNY online catalog (CUNY+). Periodicals on microfilm may be requested at the Periodicals Desk. They must them be brought to the Microform Room located in L203 to be viewed. The Microform Room has microfilm/fiche readers, with printers. It is open at all times that the library is open. Library staff are available to help patrons retrieve, mount, and print articles on microfilm/fiche. Printing is for a fee.

Periodicals Services has a staff of two full time support staff and one librarian. For more information, questions, or comments regarding Periodicals Services, please contact Nanette Johnson. Her contact information appears at the top of this page.

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