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Our Mission

The mission of the Robert J. Kibbee Library’s Media Services department (commonly referred to as the Media Center) is to provide the college community with an assortment of audio-visual equipment in support of the teaching and learning goals of Kingsborough Community College.

The Media Center delivers equipment to the entire college campus. Our 10 storage areas around the college supply televisions and VCR and DVD players. Overhead projectors and screens, laptop computers with projection devices, and slide projectors are also delivered to all classrooms upon request of an instructor. The Center holds over 2,000 VHS tapes, DVD’s and audio tapes for the use of students and faculty.

Media Services welcomes any suggestions you might have to make operation run more efficiently. For questions and comments, please contact Richard Najjar, Head of Media Services at 718-368-5048(

Hours of Operation
FRIDAY 8:00AM-5:00PM

Media Center Staff
Richard Najjar Media center Coordinator 718-368-5048
Eleanor Eisenberg Full Time support Staff 718-368-5043
Kamini Karran CLT Daytime Supervisor 718-368-5044
Harvey Greenidge CLT Nighttime Supervisor 718-368-5145
Saul Jean College Assistant 718-368-5044
Bernard Roberts College Assistant 718-368-5043
Kevin Morel College Assistant 718-368-5043

Media Equipment

The Media Center will deliver the any of the following equipment to anywhere on the campus from our 10 storage locations.

  • TV/DVD/VHS Combinations
  • Laptop Computers with LCD Projection Devices
  • Overhead projectors
  • Slide projectors and trays
  • Cassette/CD Combinations
  • Cassette recorders
  • Video Screens

Video/DVD Collection

We have over 2000 VHS/DVD’s as well as Audio Cassettes available to all staff, faculty and students. During the next few months, we will be working on an online video reservation system that will be available to the entire college community. Look for this system toward the end of the Fall 06 semester.

Currently our entire collection is available for viewing in our Media center where you can view our video with our headphones for free. Just bring a valid KCC ID and our entire collection is at your fingertips

Mini Theater

The Mini Theater located on the bottom floor of the library in room L100. The theater is equipped with a 42 inch plasma screen and seating for 30 students. Faculty and staff may utilize the mini theater upon request by filling out the Media Center Equipment Request form.

Reservation System

Reservations may be done in person at the Media Center room L115, online on the library’s website, or by phone. All faculty and staff requesting equipment will receive a confirmation of their reservation noting the equipment, time, and room indicated in the reservation. Reservations are deemed complete when confirmed by the Media Center by e-mail for online and phone reservations, or a signed copy is received in the case of print forms used for in person reservations. Please retain copy of e-mail or carbon copy of print form as receipt/confirmation of Media Center commitment to deliver equipment. Reservations can be made on a daily basis with the SINGLE RESERVATION FORM or for an entire semester with the MULTIPLE RESERVATION FORM.

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