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Interlibrary Loan FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Who Can Use It?

What May I Borrow?

Are There Copyright Restrictions?

Is There a Limit on the Number of Items I May Request?

How Do I Request an Item?

Is There a Charge?

How Long Must I Wait to Receive an Item?

Where Do I Pick Up and Return Items?

For How Long May I Keep a Book? May I Renew It?

Who Can I Talk to If I Have Further Questions?

  1. What is Interlibrary Loan?
    Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service providing Kingsborough Community College patrons with access to books and periodicals (journals, magazines, and newspapers) not held by the Robert J. Kibbee Library. The library borrows books and obtains copies from other libraries through ILL and makes them available to the patron requesting them. You (the patron) must return the books to the Kingsborough Community College Library. You may keep copies of articles and book chapters. Top
  2. Who Can Use It?
    ILL is available to current Kingsborough students enrolled in degree or certificate programs, and to members of the faculty and staff. ILL requests are only accepted by patrons who have open access privileges with no blocks on their records. It is not available to persons enrolled only in continuing education or special programs such as College Now and
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  3. What May I Borrow?
    You may borrow books, chapters of books, and articles from periodicals (journals, magazines, and newspapers) not held by the Robert J. Kibbee Library. Requests for items we own will be put through only if the item is lost or is unusable due to poor condition. Books held by other libraries in the CUNY system can be requested through CLICS and picked up here at Kingsborough or any other campus library of your choice. You may request theses, dissertations, and items in microfilm through ILL, but such items may be difficult to procure due to lending restrictions. Patrons are asked to limit requests to items needed for study, research, or instruction. Requests for textbooks will not be processed. The library reserves the right not to process a request at our discretion.

    Before requesting periodical articles through ILL, please check Periodicals at KCC to see if the title you want is available here either in print or in one of our online databases. In obtaining articles found in one of Kingsborough’s databases, if the citation does not directly link to full text, click on Find it!  to see if the text is available in some other database.

    For audiovisual materials for instructional use, please contact the Media Center at L-100, extension 5044, before requesting them through ILL.                                                          Top
  4. Are There Copyright Restrictions?
    Federal law (U.S. Code, Title 17) dictates that the reproduction (as in photocopying) of copyrighted materials is allowed only for purposes of private study, scholarship, or research. Any further use, now or in the future, may exceed “fair use,” and is liable to prosecution for copyright infringement. The Library reserves the right to refuse to accept a request for a copy that could violate copyright law. 
  5. Is There a Limit to the Number of Items I May Request?
    No, but at peak periods it may take a few days to process multiple requests.
  6. How Do I Request an Item?
    First, verify that the item is not available to you here at Kingsborough by checking Find Books CUNY+ or Periodicals at KCC(see above, What May I Borrow?).
    Once you have done this, click on the link below and follow the directions.

    Request an Item through Interlibrary Loan

    You may also request items through OCLC 
    WorldCat, a union catalog of thousands of libraries worldwide. If WorldCat indicates that Kingsborough owns the book you can of course obtain it here, and if it indicates that CUNY owns it you can request it through CLICS. If no CUNY library owns the book (or if it is unavailable for some reason) you can request it by clicking on Request through ILLiad next to External Resources. (See example). Once you enter your login information the bibliographic data for the requested item will be filled in.                                                        Top 

    Go to WorldCat
    Is There a Charge?
    Some libraries charge for lending their materials, and in these cases the library will pay up to $20 per book or article. In the rare instance that an item has a fee higher than $20, you will be responsible for the excess. We will contact you in this case. In such a case, you must pay the fee by check or money order when you pick up the item. You may be charged an overdue fine if you do not return the item by the due date, and you are liable for the cost to replace the book if you lose it or do not return it in good condition. Until all charges are cleared all your borrowing privileges will be suspended. 
  7. How Long Must I Wait to Receive an Item?
    Turnaround time varies from one day to over three weeks. Expect to wait at least two weeks for items, especially books. (Copies usually arrive much quicker.) If you cannot wait this long, then you may want to visit a library in the New York area that has the item(s) you need. Please contact the Reference Desk in person for a visitor’s pass to area libraries.
  8. Where Do I Pick Up and Return Items?
    We will notify you through your Kingsborough email account when your item arrives. Pick it up at the Circulation Desk (L-200). Copies of articles or book chapters will be sent to faculty members at their departmental addresses. Do not remove any labels identifying items as ILL books. Return items to the Circulation Desk, but hand them to the clerk and do not put them in the slots.
  9. For How Long May I Keep a Book?May I Renew It?
    Loan periods are determined by the institution that lends the item, not by Kingsborough Community College. You are responsible for returning books on time and for paying any overdue fines. If a book is recalled by the library that owns it you are required to return it immediately. Also, some libraries do not allow renewals. Otherwise, you can renew books through your ILL account in ILLiad. 
  10. Who Can I Talk To if I Have Further Questions?
    The Interlibrary Loan Librarian is Prof. Jay Bernstein. 
    Office: L-204,
    Phone: 718-368-6548 (on-campus, extension 6548)
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