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Researching Careers: An Introduction to Using the Library

How to Locate Career Resources

Matching college majors with careers……………...Page 3

Learning about your career choice using encyclopedias and directories………….…...………………………….Page 4

Finding more information using CUNY+, the online catalog………………………………………………...….Page 5

Searching an online database………………………..Page 9

Locating Print Periodicals…….......……………..….Page 13

Finding career information on the Web……...……Page 16

Matching College Majors with Careers

·Great jobs for liberal arts majors                         Reference 2nd Floor - Ref HF5382.5 .U5 2002
·Majors exploration: a search and find guide for college and career direction                              Stacks 6th Floor - LB2361.5 .R426 1999
·Quick guide to college majors and careers Reference 2nd Floor - Ref LB2361.5 .S53 2002

·Great jobs for liberal arts majors                      Reference 2nd Floor - Ref HF5382.5 .U5 C252 2002

Career Encyclopedias and Directories

·Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance* Reference Desk - Ref HF5381 .E52
·Exploring health care careers: real people tell you what you need to know                                 Reference Desk - Ref R690 .E97
·Health professions career and education directory Reference Desk - Ref R847 .D57
·Jobs Rated Almanac: the best and worst jobs Reference 2nd Floor - Ref HF5382.5 .U7 K72
·Occupational outlook handbook*                 Reference Desk - Ref HD8051 .A62                       Web site
·Professional and occupational licensing directory Reference 2nd Floor - Ref HD3630 .U7
·Vocational careers sourcebook : where to find help planning careers in skilled, trade, and nontechnical vocations                                                        Reference 2nd Floor - Ref HF5382.5 .U5 V62

*Includes a reference to professional organizations for each career.

Searching the Online Catalog: CUNY+

Finding Books about Careers

To find general career books, search CUNY+, the Library’s online catalog.  Use the following subject keywords that best match your topic:
College Graduates
College Majors
College Students and Employment
Job Hunting
Vocational Guidance
Vocational Interests

To find books about specific careers, combine the term “vocational guidance” with your field of interest.  Some common examples:
                                    vocational guidance and communication*
                                    vocational guidance and computer
                                    vocational guidance and nursing
                                    vocational guidance and management
                                    vocational guidance and teaching
Note:  Adding an asterisk * brings up both singular and plural forms of the word.
Search the keywords in “all fields” for a broader search.  Click on the drop down box to choose the “subject” field for a narrower search.  Also, use the drop down box to search by author or title.
Books are arranged on the shelves by their call numbers.  Follow the instructions in the "Using Call Numbers to Locate Books" handout.  Be sure to browse the shelf for additional books that pertain to your research.


Go to

Click on CUNY+ Online Catalog

Enter keywords vocational guidance and nursing and click search:

View call number by clicking on Kingsborough:

Call Number shows the location of the book.

Use CUNY+ to locate additional career books


Great jobs for art majors Stacks 6th Floor N6505 .C33 1997
Great jobs for biology majors Stacks 8th Floor
QH314 .C35 1999
Careers in communications – Stacks 7th Floor P91.6 .N67 1999
Real people working in education – Stacks 6th Floor
LB1775.2 .C36 1997
Careers in finance – Stacks 6th Floor HG173 .R55 1999
Opportunities in health and medical careers – Stacks 8th Floor
R690 .S545 1998
Careers for legal eagles and other law and order types
Stacks 6th Floor KF297 .Z9 C398 1998
Great jobs for math majors – Stacks 8th Floor QA10.5 .L36 1999
Opportunities in restaurant careers – Stacks 8th Floor
TX911.3 .V62 C46 1998
Careers for good Samaritans & other humanitarian types
Stacks 6th Floor HV10.5 .E24 1998
Great jobs for sociology majors – Stacks 6th Floor
HM51 .L241997
Careers for sports nuts and other athletic types
Stacks 5th Floor GV734 .H45 1997

Searching Online Databases: Academic Search Premier

Academic Search Premier is a full-text online database containing articles from nearly 4,600 scholarly or professional publications.


Go to

Click on E-Journals & Reference Databases

Click on the yellow box to select Academic Search Premier(EBSCO)

Type vocational guidance and your career choice or field of study in the search box next to Find:

                        vocational guidance and nursing
                        vocational guidance and teaching
                        vocational guidance and computer
                        vocational guidance and social work
                        vocational guidance and economics
                        vocational guidance and psychology

Use the drop down box to change from Default Fields to SU Subject Terms

Click Search Box

View Results by clicking on the hyperlinks for the articles

Finding Career Information in Periodicals

Locating Periodicals

·Print periodicals are located on the 3rd floor. 
·To locate a professional journal, refer to the gold book titled “Periodicals Available in the Robert J. Kibbee Library” available at the Periodicals Desk or near the Reference Desk. 
·Turn to the subject index on page 86.  Subjects that correspond to career topics include:  accounting; advertising and marketing; business and industry; communications; computers; education; engineering; journalism; nursing; nutrition; speech and theater; and travel and tourism. 
·Select a journal under the subject that matches your career.  To verify that the Library still subscribes to this journal, go to CUNY+ online catalog.  See the example on page 14.
·Current periodicals and microfilm are available from the Periodicals Desk.
·Periodicals from prior years are bound and shelved in alphabetical order by title.


Go to

Click on CUNY+ Online Catalog

Click on Journal Title Search

Enter the title of your journal in the keyword box and click search

Click on Kingsborough to View Holdings Record

For current dates, scroll down

Career Information on the Web – Selected Sites

CareerJournal: Wall Street Journal Online -

Career advice from the Wall Street Journal. Job Hunting Online with Richard Bolles and What Color Is Your Parachute -

Web site serving as a companion to the book What color is your parachute?: a practical manual for job-hunters & career changers by Richard Bolles.                         Stacks 6th Floor - HF5382.7 .B64

Match Major Sheets

Web site developed by Florida State University.  Select a major from the left screen to view a list of sample occupations in your chosen field of study.  Scroll down the page to view links to professional associations and related Web sites.  Note that the section “sample career center library resources” refers to the holdings at Florida State University NOT the holdings at Kingsborough.

O*Net Online – Occupational Information Network

Database of worker attributes and job characteristics providing information on skills, abilities, knowledge, work activities, and interests associated with over 950 occupations.

The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet -

Well organized directory site prepared by a librarian and job consultant. - -

See “Real People Profiles” for a typical day in a specific job.

Prepared by Professor Elizabeth Tompkins, September 2004.

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