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Student Clubs & Organizations Questions

Must I be a club member to participate in activities?

No.  Even if you are not a club member, you may take part in college-wide activities.  College events are available to all Kingsborough Community College students, but you must have a validated student ID card.

How do I form a NEW club/organization?

If you have a special interest not represented by any of the current organizations, you may form a new organization, as follows:

  • Meet with the Student Life Specialist in the Office of Student Life, room C-123, who will describe the procedures for forming a new organization.

  •  The Student Life Specialist will provide you with a copy of the Petition to Organize and Establish an Organization, and a Sample Constitution. The Petition requires the signatures of 25 currently enrolled Kingsborough students who are interested in forming the organization.  You will also need the signature of a faculty member interested in serving as your club’s faculty advisor.  The sample constitution is a helpful guide to preparing your organization’s constitution.

  • Discuss the draft of your constitution with the Student Life Specialist.  Submit your completed Petition, plus three copies of your finalized constitution, to the Student Life Specialist, who will give your paperwork to the Faculty Advisor of the Campus Activities Board (CAB).

Your Petition and constitution will be reviewed at a meeting of the Club Chartering Committee of CAB, where the committee will consider your request to charter a new organization.  A representative, and if possible, the Faculty Advisor of your organization, should attend the meeting at which the constitution is discussed.  

Your Petition and constitution, along with the recommendation of the Club Chartering Committee, will be included on the agenda of the next meeting of the full Campus Activities Board.  Upon approval by CAB, a charter will be granted.

CAB will provide a budget for the new club for its first year.  New clubs receive all benefits of a chartered campus organization.


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