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Current Projects
Active Directory Project
  • Converting all Departmental Domains and users to new one Active Directory to create shares for departments and users in the new active directory

Citrix for Remote Access
  • Remote access using Citrix(a remote access/application publishing product that allows people to connect to applications available from central servers), integration with New Active Directory and installation of Redundant Systems

Complete rollout of Plasma screens and increase the use and effectiveness

Computerization of Class Rooms
  • The infrastructure in Six Lecture Theatres was upgraded with collaboration of B&G and CPD to enable addition of of 450 plus Wireless Computer stations to enable the use of these facilities as Labs as well as regular class room.
E319 & F319 Lecture Halls
E319 & F319 Lecture Halls
T4212 Classroom/Lab
T4212 Classroom/Lab

Cost Savings and Productivity and Sustainability
  • Work with all Offices within the College to generate cost savings and/or improvements in Service delivery. Increase the use of V-202 as a full-fledged training facility and Distance Learning center. Solution to manage documents and Printers, Scanners and Fax machines more efficiently. Replace all Analog copiers with Konica-Minolta Copiers, Printers, Scanners and Fax machines. Increase productivity, removing old machines with higher service costs. Consolidating faxing, copying and printing resulting in saving in terms of toner, service contracts and per page cost of printing and faxing. Eliminate equipment not in use from inventory and support.

  • Prepare the ground work for the successful implementation of the new CUNY ERP provide training to staff in conjunction with CUNY ERP Team

Disaster Recovery and business continuity plan
  • Implement Disaster Recovery and business continuity plan for the campus, creation of redundant network cores and switches and servers

Emergency Response System
  • Enhance the Emergency response system within the campus and establish the protocols and Procedures working with other departments in the college
  • Expand the PA system to the outdoor areas

Enhancing Physical Security and Security Console
  • Installation of 65 IP Security Cameras with recording capability and upgrade of central Security Console. The Work will consist of ONSSI Network Video Recorder software and Panasonic cameras including all installation, programming & training. The solution includes the following: Install ONSSI Network Video Recorder software on a server. Install 25 cameras as per sight survey
  • The security console in Public Safety was upgraded with latest technology to enhance surveillance for Student and Staff Safety in collaboration with Public Safety Staff
Security Console Upgrade
Security Console Upgrade

Faculty Computers
  • Upgrade of 150 Full Time Faculty computers based on 4 year refresh cycle.
  • Upgrade of 50 Part Time Faculty computers based on 4 year refresh cycle.

Incubation of Instructional Technologies
  • Working with KCCAT and KCTL to test new technologies for enhancing instruction

Lab Computers
  • Upgrade of 325 Lab computers based on 4 year refresh cycle.

Lotus Notes Upgrade
  • Upgrade Lotus Notes to the latest Version 8.52

Network Security
  • Increasing Network Security and reliability, by implementing redundant firewall and IDP solutions

Network Upgrade

New Data Center for Business Continuity
  • A state of Art data center, with Infrastructure UPS, Emergency Power, Redundant HVAC system, Security Cameras and Access Card System

    New Data Center Project(pdf)

New Public Website/Staff and Faculty Intranet and Student Portal
  • Work with College Community to create a Student Portal and improve and enhance the newly created Public Website/Staff and Faculty Intranet

Office Services
  • Improve work flow and working conditions in Office services area to increase efficiency

Open Computer Labs
  • Increase number of available computers in open Labs

Public Address System
  • Public address system is being extended to exterior of the campus to facilitate emergency announcement to be heard in exterior

Smart Class Rooms
  • Converting class rooms in to Smart class rooms, Additional 43 class rooms would be converted to Smart room status

    Multi-media podiums

Smart LABS
  • Converting traditional Labs in to Smart Labs rooms, Additional 6 Labs would be converted to Smart room status

Staff Training
  • Provide Training to Faculty in 3M systems, via Web based and printed material and one on one training

    Faculty Tutorial

Standardization and Consolidation of servers and equipment
  • Continue the goal of standardization and consolidation of servers and equipment to reduce operating expenses

Upgrade of Help Desk system

Upgrade of Labs
  • Three Labs were upgraded by replacing regular desktops with high speed/high capacity Workstations.
  • Furniture in these labs was replaced to facilitate instruction
V202 Distance Learning Lab
V202 Distance Learning Lab
S214 & S225 Computer Labs
S214 & S225 Computer Labs

Wireless Network Upgrade/Expansion - Guest and Smart Phone Accessibility (Android, Windows & Apple Products)
  • Enabling self service for both Guest and Staff access to Wireless resources for all Wi-Fi enabled devices including smart phones.
  • Extension of wireless network to exterior areas of the campus
  • Extension of wireless network to office areas and class rooms
  • Upgrade to the N standard to provide faster access. Ensure full implementation of the Wireless project by expanding from 45% coverage to 80% coverage

    Where is the wireless service available?
    KBCC Wireless Network General FAQ (pdf)

KCC WiFi Access Points
KCC Campus WiFi Access Points

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