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Office of Human Research Protections Program (HRPP)

Kingsborough Community College's Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost is committed to fostering a research environment that promotes respect for the rights and welfare of individuals recruited for, or participating in, research conducted by faculty, students, and staff.  The HRPP is dedicated to facilitating a smooth and efficient research review process, ensuring compliance with federal, state, and CUNY policies and providing administrative and educational support to researchers.  It functions as an extension of CUNY's Office of Research Compliance. 


Contact Information

Kingsborough's HRPP Office is located in the Office of the Associate Provost, Dr. Reza Fakhari, in the Marine and Academic Center, Room M-386. Dr. Fakhari serves as Kingsborough's Research Integrity Officer (RIO).

Dr. Farshad Tamari, Biological Sciences (x5726), and Dr. Orit Hirsh, Information Technology (X4780), serve on the University Integrated Institutional Review Boards representing Kingsborough.  

For Information and Consultation, Contact:

Dr. Carmen D. Rodriguez, HRPP Coordinator
Director of Academic Programs, Office of Academic Affairs
Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages
2001 Oriental Boulevard, Room M-386
Brooklyn, NY  11235
Tel (718) 368-5029 / Fax (718) 368-4516


Human Subjects Research at CUNY

CUNY's Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) is responsible for the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects in research projects conducted at CUNY or by CUNY faculty, staff and students and Research Foundation CUNY staff.  The program provides oversight, administrative support and educational training to ensure that CUNY research complies with federal and State regulations, University policy and the highest ethical standards. CUNY's HRPP consists of four (4) University Integrated Institutional Review Boards (UI-IRBs), one (1) Expedited Review Panel, and nineteen (19) on-site HRPP offices.

The web-based software/ database system, IRBNet, serves as the technological mechanism for the submission and review of research protocols throughout the University. 

Visit CUNY's HRPP website at the following links to access information and most recent updates.

Conducting Research at Kingsborough

In accordance with the ethical standards of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, all research involving human subjects requires IRB approval prior to the start of research projects.  The purpose of the IRB is to ensure that the rights of research subjects are protected.  The IRB's concern is in protecting the safety, welfare, privacy and rights of human research subjects.  All research applications must be submitted through the new online system, IRBNet.  The application and forms are all available directly from IRBNet ( 

Submitting Research Projects

    Completion and Submission of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)    Certificate

      All CUNY faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, graduate and undergraduate students involved in human subjects research are required to complete the Basic course in the protection of human subjects prior to IRB approval of their research projects.  The basic course is valid for three(3) years, at the end of which a refresher course must be completed.  CITI certificates must be uploaded within the USER PROFILE in IRBNet

   Completion and Submission of the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Certificate

All CUNY faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, graduate and undergraduate students involved in research are required to complete the RCR training within six(6) weeks of initiating their research.  RCR training certificates will be valid for five(5) years.  Researchers are required to re-take the course every five years.  A copy of the certificate must be sent to Dr. Reza Fakhari who serves as the Research Integrity Officer (RIO) for Kingsborough.

  • Submission of Research Packages in IRBNe

      Click on this link to access the CUNY researcher manual for instructions on how to create and submit research packages into IRBNet.

  •  Submission Deadlines

    There are no deadlines for projects requiring Exempt or Expedited review. There are deadlines for research  requiring Full Committee review. Protocol submission deadlines and IRB meeting dates are available at

    Determining Review Types

    CUNY uses the definitions provided at 45CFR46.102 to determine whether a research protocol constitutes human subjects research.  Researchers who are unsure of whether their research meets these definitions must submit a Research Determination Form via IRBNet for review by KCC's HRPP Coordinator.  The HRPP Coordinator determines whether a project constitutes human subjects research requiring approval by the IRB.

    The three review types are Exempt, Expedited and Full.  Research that does not fall within the Exempt or Expedited categories requires Full Committee review and approval by the CUNY IU-IRB. 
    Go to the following links for CUNY HRPP Procedures:


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