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Summer Immersion Program
The Summer Immersion Program offers free classes in math, reading and writing to students who are having trouble passing the COMPASS Math, CUNY ACT Reading and/or CATW Writing exams.
English Courses Math Courses
ENG 0BW00 (6-Week Writing) MAT 0X100 (1-Week Express Pre-algebra)
ENG 00R00 (3-Week Reading) MAT 0X200 (1-Week Express Algebra)

The many benefits of Kingsborough's Summer Immersion Program:

  • You have the opportunity to complete your English and/or math developmental requirements before the fall semester begins.
  • Immersion courses have been specifically designed to help students to be successful.
  • The CUNY COMPASS Math Skills test, and the ACT Reading and CATW Writing tests are given at the
    conclusion of all math and English courses.
  • Day and evening courses are offered to accommodate a variety of schedules.
  • English R, preparation for CUNY ACT Reading Test, meets for just 3 weeks.
  • The Math Express Courses, Math 0X100 and 0X200, meet for just 1 week.

    You may register for Summer Immersion courses as you do all other courses during regular Summer Module Registration.

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