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Kingsborough Community College’s payroll system follows New York City’s system and thus is based on the fiscal year covering the period July 1 through June 30.  If you are paid on an annual salary and want to determine your bi-weekly gross, divide your annual salary by the number of days in the year and multiply by 14 (days in a pay period.) In fiscal leap years (such as July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016), the calculations are based on 366 days. In fiscal non-leap years (such as July 1-2014 - July 30, 2015), these calculations are based on 365 days.  Your annual salary remains the same regardless of whether it is a leap year or a non-leap year.  Your bi-weekly gross changes slightly in the first pay period of a leap year and the first pay period after the leap year ends due to the one day difference.

If you are paid a daily rate (such as Skilled Trade Titles are) and want to determine your bi-weekly gross, multiply your daily salary by 10 (number of workdays in a period.)


Employees in this group are paid utilizing what is referred to in the Payroll Management System as a "Daily Salary Amount" (DSA). The DSA is computed as follows:

DSA = Number of Hours in Semester x Hourly Rate
Number of Paychecks in Semester x 10

Under normal circumstances the gross of an employee's check will be equivalent to the DSA x 10 (the PMS system considers this to be the number of workdays in a bi-weekly pay period). When applicable, pay items such as substitution payments, deductions for excessive absences, and retroactive pay due to late pay start will affect the gross amount of a payroll check.

Information on Hours in Semester and Hourly Rate are obtained from the Personnel Data Form (PDF) which is received from the Office of the Dean of Faculty. The paydate schedule for Adjuncts and Overloads will be determined by the Academic Calendar for the semester and will be submitted to the CUNY Office of Faculty & Staff Relations for review. The paydate schedule for Continuing Education Teachers will be determined by the Human Resources Office based upon the class schedule submitted by the Office of Continuing Education.

Faculty who perform substitutions are paid by means of a One Time Payment. This payment may or may not be on a separate payroll check depending upon whether or not the faculty member is working a regular assignment during the course of the semester. Substitution payments are paid in approximately six to eight weeks from the date of the actual substitution.

In accordance with the Professional Staff Congress collective bargaining agreement, an Adjunct in a teaching or non-teaching title who on July 1, shall have worked six semesters over a period of the preceding three years and who has not received a movement within salary schedule during that period of time shall receive a movement within salary schedule to the next higher dollar amount. For purposes of determining eligibility for this movement within salary schedule at Kingsborough, a semester shall include winter and summer session. For eligible employees who work the Summer session retroactive monies dating back to July 1 are paid on the first scheduled payroll check of the Fall semester.

There are some items on the check stub which are not applicable for employees in this group. Due to the fact that the total amount due the employee for the semester is simply divided into equal installments and paid in accordance with the previously determined paydate schedule, the Pay Period appearing on the stub is not applicable. Also, the stub indicates that payment is for 10 units. This figure does not represent hours. As indicated above, the PMS System considers a bi-weekly pay period to contain 10 workdays. This figure is automatically printed on the check stubs, although it does not specifically pertain to this category of employees.


Employees working in these titles are paid only for the hours that have been included on timesheets and submitted to the Human Resources Office. Late submission of timesheets will result in late payment. In order to insure that you are paid on a timely basis timesheets are to be turned in to the Human Resources Office each Monday morning. Employees working in these titles are paid on a two-week lag.

Miscellaneous Pay Adjustments will be utilized to pay an employee for unused accrued Annual Leave at the end of the Fiscal Year. Miscellaneous Pay Adjustments may also be utilized for error correction purposes.


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