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Honors Contracts

Students who cannot find an All-Honors or Honors Enrichment Component class that fits their schedule and/or degree program and/or wish to engage in scholarly research have the option to conduct an independent study project called an Honors Contract Project (HCP) with a professor from a course in which they are currently enrolled. The HCP is done in addition to regular coursework and is recommended only for students who have strong time management skills and seek the challenge of working in a one-to-one relationship with a professor.

The HCP encourages students to investigate areas of knowledge and traditions of inquiry that are not previously part of the student's experience. A completed HCP usually results in a typed paper that contains a minimum of 1,200 words using Times New Roman, 12-point font, with documentation appropriate to the discipline, or a visual project with a written summary of the project and learning outcomes. An HCP is initiated by filing an HCP Form, available in the Honors House in M377 or by clicking here.

Students must secure the signature of the Honors Academic Liaison from the appropriate department in order to file the form.

· Honors Contract Project application

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Honors Academic Liaisons

Department     Department Liaison    
Art S155 x5718 Valerie Sokolova S261 x5906
Behavioral Sciences and Human Services D309 x5630 Beth King D303 x5647
Biological Sciences S244 x5502 Sherrye Glaser S222 x5748
Business M355 x5555 Theresa Mastrianni M331 x5515
Communications and Performing Arts E309 x5591 Marvin Williams E305 x5519
Computer Science F309b x5931 Eileen Lichtenthal F108 x5478
English C309 x5849 Jane Weiss C116 x5535
Foreign Languages E309a x5403 Joachim Oppenheim E301 x5286
Health, Physical Education and Recreation G201 x5696 Nicholas Skirka E115 x5290
History, Philosophy and Political Sciences D309a x5417 Megan Brandow-Faller M309 x4822
Mathematics F309b x5431 Elie Feder F326 x5228
Nursing M401 x5522 Barbara Gattullo M426 x4775
Physical Sciences S243a x5746 Patrick Lloyd S316 x5774
Tourism and Hospitality V226 x5143 Tanya Johnson V229F x5809

The deadline for submitting an HCP is the last day of the sixth week of the fall or spring term. Upon successful completion of the HCP, deemed as earning a grade of B+ or higher as judged by the professor and the Honors Academic Liaison from the appropriate department, and approved by the Honors Contract Advisory committee, an Honors notation will be added to the course on the college transcript.

All HCPs will automatically be submitted to the editor of the Honors Journal Distinctions for possible publication.

NOTE: An Honors Contract Workshop will be conducted at the start of each term for students considering such an option. Please contact the Honors House staff (Room M377, 718-368-5365) for the dates of the workshop. Samples of outstanding HCPs may also be viewed in the Honors House.



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