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Kingsborough Honors Program



The information listed below is subject to change.
Please confirm all course information with the Honors Program staff and/or with the appropriate department prior to registration.

The Kingsborough Honors Program is designed to provide a challenging, enriching, and rewarding educational experience for highly motivated students. Honors courses are rigorous and emphasize critical thinking, independent research, analytical writing, oral debate, and public speaking. They are generally easily transferable to four-year colleges and universities. Students can participate in several different types of Honors academic experiences:

  1. All-Honors sections of regular courses.
  2. All-Honors sections of courses developed specifically for the Honors Program that
    involve participation in special programs, such as the National Model United Nations
    or the Salzburg Global Seminar.
  3. Non-Honors courses that contain an Honors Enrichment Component for students who opt to do extra work.
  4. Honors Contracts - independent research projects done by individual students
    under the supervision of a professor in a non-Honors course.
  5. Special off-campus summer scholarship programs such as the Vassar College Exploring Transfer Program and the Partners in the Park

Students who successfully complete any of the Honors academic offerings listed above earn an Honors notation for each course on their transcripts. Those who earn nine (9) or more Honors credits will receive an Honors Program notation in the Commencement Booklet; those who earn eighteen (18) or more Honors credits, graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.40 or higher, and have given significant service to the college, will be acknowledged as members of the Presidential Scholars Honors Program on their official transcripts, at the Annual Awards Ceremony and in the Commencement Booklet.

For information about Kingsborough's honors courses, refer to the links below:

· All-Honors Courses

· Honors Enrichment Component Courses

· Honors Contracts

Eligibility Criteria

Students who meet the criteria listed below are invited to join the program:

Entering Freshmen

  • Must have earned scores of 75% or higher on the English and Math Regents, OR
  • Must have passed the CUNY/ACT test in reading, writing and mathematics, OR
  • Must have combined SATs scores of 1400 or higher, OR
  • Former College Now students must have earned a B+ or higher in every College Now course taken and have a high school average of 80 percent or higher.

Currently Enrolled Students and Transfer Students

  • Must have a GPA or 3.20 or higher based on 12 or more credits, AND
  • Must have passed the CUNY/ACT test in reading and writing and earned a grade of B or higher in ENG 12 or ENG 24, AND
  • Must have passed the CUNY Math placement exam or be enrolled in an appropriate developmental course
Registration Directions

Students may register for upcoming fall/winter or spring/summer semester courses prior to their appointment date by contacting Honors Program staff, Mrs. Tzila Waksman or Ms. Helen Nasser, in room M377. Students can also contact the Honors Program counselor, Mrs. Jane Birzin, in the office every Monday and Thursday from 9:30-1:00 p.m.; she can also be reached by phone at 718-368-5365 on those days, or by email anytime at

  • All students must see an academic advisor before they register for an Honors course.
  • First time program participants or those who dropped out of the program for a term or more must come to the Honors House in M377 to have an Honors Program designation entered into their E-Sims profile prior to registration.
  • Honors students in good standing can register for Honors courses online on their own on or after their appointment date provided their Honors Program designation in E-Sims is active.
For Further Information
Visit: The Honors House - M377
Phone: 718-368-5365
Email: Dr. Rachelle Goldsmith, Honors Program Director
Ms. Helen-Margaret Nasser, Associate Director
Mrs. Tzila Waksman, Honors Office Assistant
Mrs. Jane Birzin, Honors Counselor
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