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Health Education and Lifestyle Management Center (HELM)T7-220




3/10-14/2014 Health Insurance Week: Sign-up for child health and/or family health plus insurance from available providers. Bookstore area, 10am – 3pm

You must present appropriate documents to confirm proof of age, address, and income (eg: green card, original social security, passport, medical bills, 4 consecutive pay stubs, utility bills, birth certificate, etc.) Rotating providers available Mon – Thurs, thereafter.

3/11/2014- Healthy Start – Table exhibit, handouts on nutrition, and giveaways. Breezeway, 10am – 1:30pm

3/19/2014- Women’s Health Issue’s- Literature on cervical health, std/sti’s, HIV, breast cancer, HPV and more. Free Female Condom distribution, Breezeway, 10am -1:30pm

3/25/2014- Condition’s and Disorders-  Literature on Asthma, Tb, Hepatitis and more. Breezeway, 10am – 1:30pm

3/31/2014 and 4/28/2014- Free Rapid HIV Testing, Room U226, 11am – 3pm

4/03/2014- Diabetes Alert Day- Free glucose and cholesterol screening, Room U213/214 10am -2pm

4/082014- STD/HIV Awareness- Handouts on HIV, herpes, chlamydia and more. Free Condom distribution.  Breezeway, 10am -1:30pm

4/30/2014- Better sleep and Mental Wellness- Table exhibit, handouts on stress and better sleep. Bio-stress card distribution.

5/6/2014- Asthma/Allergy Awareness- Handouts on Asthma, Allergies, Bronchitis, Flu, Pneumonia. Breezeway, 10am – 1:30pm

5/13/2014- CUNY 20th Annual Wellness Festival- 10am – 3pm, Room U219/220 *All activities will be posted at a later time.

5/27/2014- Preventing Skin Cancer- Handouts on how to protect yourself from those harmful rays. Breezeway, 10am -1:30pm

Please look for our easel posters in breezeway and our flyers at the Student Information Center near the bookstore for information on our programs! At times, programs are subject to change at short notice.

HELM Center Room T7-220 (718) 368-4909, Fax (718) 368-4788


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